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Line 216
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AC Transit Line 216
To Union City BART, Weekday Schedule
  To Union City BART, Weekend Schedule
  To Ohlone College, Newark Campus, Weekday Schedule
  To Silliman Center, Weekend Schedule
  Complete Schedule
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AC Transit Service Changes Effective Sunday, December 23, 2018

216 To Union City BART, Weekday

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The times provided are for important landmarks along the route. A complete list of stops for Line 216 is also available.

Ohlone College, Newark Campus 610a710a810a910a1010a1110a1210p110p210p310p410p510p610p710p810p
NewPark Mall 616a716a816a916a1016a1116a1216p116p216p316p416p516p616p716p816p
Stevenson Blvd. & Albrae St. 623a723a823a923a1023a1123a1223p123p223p323p423p523p623p723p823p
Stevenson Blvd. & Blacow Rd. 627a727a827a927a1027a1127a1227p127p227p327p427p527p627p727p827p
Stevenson Blvd. & Fremont Blvd. 630a730a830a930a1030a1130a1230p130p230p330p430p530p630p730p830p
Fremont BART 638a738a838a938a1038a1138a1238p138p238p338p438p538p638p738p838p
Mission Blvd. & Mowry Ave. 645a746a846a946a1046a1146a1246p146p246p346p446p546p646p745p845p
Niles Blvd. & Rock Ave. 652a754a854a954a1054a1154a1254p154p254p354p454p554p654p752p852p
Union City BART 658a800a900a1000a1100a1200p100p200p300p400p500p600p700p758p858p