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Line 7
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AC Transit Line 7
To El Cerrito Del Norte BART, Weekday Schedule
  To El Cerrito Del Norte BART, Weekend Schedule
  To Downtown Berkeley, Weekday Schedule
  To Downtown Berkeley, Weekend Schedule
  Complete Schedule
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Downtown Berkeley Stop Moves Effective February 18

Effective December 17: Long-Term Stop Moves at El Cerrito del Norte BART

Upcoming Downtown Berkeley Bus Stop Moves from 2018 through 2020

Northbound Stop Closed on Shattuck at University Avenue

7 To El Cerrito Del Norte BART, Weekday

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The times provided are for important landmarks along the route. A complete list of stops for Line 7 is also available.

Allston St. & Shattuck Ave. 545a615a645a715a745a815a845a915a945a1015a1045a1115a1145a1215p1245p115p145p215p245p315p345p415p445p514p545p615p645p715p745p815p
Solano Ave. & The Alameda 552a622a652a722a754a824a853a923a953a1023a1053a1123a1154a1224p1255p125p155p225p255p325p356p426p456p525p556p626p655p725p755p825p
Arlington Blvd. & Moeser Ln. 602a632a702a732a806a836a903a933a1003a1033a1103a1133a1204p1234p105p135p205p236p306p336p408p438p508p537p608p637p705p735p805p835p
El Cerrito Del Norte BART 618a648a718a748a823a853a919a949a1019a1049a1119a1149a1220p1250p121p151p221p252p322p352p426p456p526p555p625p654p720p750p820p850p