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Line 88
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AC Transit Line 88
To Downtown Berkeley, Weekday Schedule
  To Downtown Berkeley, Weekend Schedule
  To Lake Merritt BART, Weekday Schedule
  To Lake Merritt BART, Weekend Schedule
  Complete Schedule
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Service Disruption 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Saturday, January 19

Lines 88, 688, and J Stops Removed from Service

Line 88 Stop Move in Downtown Berkeley

Detours in Downtown Oakland on Saturday, October 13

NEW: Lines 88, 96, and 611 Every Friday Stop Closed on Oak Street at 10th Street

Interrupciones y desvíos en el servicio en Oakland el domingo 25 de marzo

3月25日(星期日),Oakland 的巴士服务中断和绕行通知

Service Disruptions and Detours for Oakland Running Festival on Sunday, March 25

4月2日(星期日),Oakland 的巴士服务中断和绕行通知

Interrupciones y desvíos en el servicio en Oakland el domingo 2 de abril

88 To Downtown Berkeley, Weekday

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The times provided are for important landmarks along the route. A complete list of stops for Line 88 is also available.

  -Lake Merritt BART12th St. & BroadwayMarket St. & West Grand Ave.40th St. & Market St.Sacramento St. & Ashby Ave.Center St. & Shattuck Ave.