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Line F
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AC Transit Line F
To Downtown Berkeley, Weekday Schedule
  To Downtown Berkeley, Weekend Schedule
  To San Francisco, Weekday Schedule
  To San Francisco, Weekend Schedule
  Complete Schedule
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Downtown Berkeley Stop Moves Effective February 18

AC Transit Service Changes Effective Sunday, December 23, 2018

Upcoming Downtown Berkeley Bus Stop Moves from 2018 through 2020

Bus Stop Move near Berkeley BART

All Transbay Lines Serving the Transbay Temporary Terminal

Northbound Stop Closed on Shattuck at University Avenue

Local Passengers Permitted

Service Changes Effective December 17, 2017

Bay Bridge Closure August 28 to September 3

F To Downtown Berkeley, Weekday

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The times provided are for important landmarks along the route. A complete list of stops for Line F is also available.

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40th St. & San Pablo Ave. 630a700a730a800a830a900a930a1000a1030a1100a1133a1203p1233p107p137p207p237p307p344p414p444p514p544p614p644p714p737p807p837p900p930p1000p1030p1100p1130p1200a1230a100a
Ashby BART 639a709a741a811a841a911a941a1011a1041a1111a1144a1214p1244p118p148p218p248p318p355p425p455p525p555p625p655p725p748p818p848p909p939p1009p1039p1109p1139p1209a1239a109a
University Ave. & Shattuck Ave. 647a717a749a822a852a922a952a1022a1052a1122a1155a1225p1255p129p159p229p259p329p406p436p506p536p606p636p706p736p759p829p859p920p950p1020p1050p1117p1147p1217a1247a117a
Hearst Ave. & Shattuck Ave. 648a718a750a823a853a923a953a1023a1053a1123a1156a1226p1256p130p200p230p300p330p407p437p507p537p607p637p707p737p800p830p900p921p951p1021p1051p1118p1148p1218a1248a118a