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Line 21
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AC Transit Line 21
To Dimond District, Weekday Schedule
  To Dimond District, Weekend Schedule
  To Oakland Airport, Weekday Schedule
  To Oakland Airport, Weekend Schedule
  Complete Schedule
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Buses to stop at temporary stops around Fruitvale BART on Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Bus Stop on Park Street at Blanding Avenue Closed

Buses to stop at temporary stops around Fruitvale BART on Monday, January 1, 2018

Service Changes Effective December 17, 2017

4月2日(星期日),Oakland 的巴士服务中断和绕行通知

Interrupciones y desvíos en el servicio en Oakland el domingo 2 de abril

Service Disruptions and Detours for Oakland Running Festival on Sunday, March 20

Buses in downtown Oakland resume regular routing

21 To Dimond District, Weekday

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The times provided are for important landmarks along the route. A complete list of stops for Line 21 is also available.

Oakland Airport (Receiving Area) -651a721a751a822a852a923a953a1023a1053a1123a1152a1222p1254p121p152p222p251p322p352p422p452p524p550p622p652p723p752p824p854p924p
Oakland Airport 625a653a723a753a824a854a925a955a1025a1055a1125a1154a1224p1256p123p154p224p253p324p354p424p454p526p552p624p654p725p754p826p856p926p
Island Dr. & Mecartney Rd. 633a701a731a801a832a902a933a1003a1033a1103a1133a1202p1232p104p131p202p232p301p332p402p432p502p534p600p631p701p732p801p833p903p933p
Harbor Bay Ferry Terminal ---------------------506p-604p635p705p-805p---
Park St. & Otis Dr. 645a715a745a815a845a915a945a1015a1045a1115a1145a1214p1244p116p144p215p245p314p345p415p445p517p547p615p646p716p743p816p843p913p943p
Santa Clara Ave. and Park St. 648a718a748a818a848a918a949a1019a1049a1119a1149a1218p1248p120p148p219p249p318p349p419p449p521p551p619p650p720p747p820p846p916p946p
Fruitvale BART 658a730a800a830a900a930a1001a1031a1101a1131a1201p1230p100p132p200p231p301p330p401p431p501p533p603p631p701p731p757p830p855p925p955p
Fruitvale Ave. & MacArthur Blvd. 709a743a813a843a913a943a1015a1045a1115a1145a1215p1245p115p147p215p246p316p345p416p446p516p548p618p646p715p745p810p843p907p937p1007p