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Doing Business with AC Transit

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Doing Business with AC Transit

Procurement Opportunities
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Open Bids

Click on the button below to see currently open solicitations. Best viewed on Microsoft Edge.

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Supplier Portal

All bidders, proposers, vendors, and contractors must be registered in AC Transit's Supplier Portal. Registered entities will be notified via email of any procurement that corresponds to their registered NAICS codes.

Prospective business partners can find open solicitations and/or register as a vendor with us via the link below.

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Contract Awards

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More Information:

Doing Business

Procurement and Materials Department

We are a centralized department of more than fifty staff within the AC Transit District who are responsible for purchasing:

  • Necessary professional services
  • Equipment
  • Buses
  • Bus parts
  • Commodities
  • Architect and engineering services
  • Construction, and maintenance needs

We support the District departments in carrying out their strategic plans and overall mission of connecting our communities with safe, reliable and sustainable service.

We provide internal customers and vendors with procurement, contracting and inventory management services. Professional staff develop and issue solicitations for commodities, goods, inventory items, services and public works (construction) projects.

The Procurement and Materials staff work within a highly regulated environment. Policies and procedures comply with the California Public Contract Code and Federal Transit Administration.

The District's Procurement staff make every effort to obtain the maximum value for each dollar expended, considering the factors of price, quality, applicability, availability, support service, delivery schedule, and pertinent laws and regulations. The Procurement staff also ensure that performance satisfaction is obtained by working closely with AC Transit project managers to develop specifications that are detailed and clearly written



AC Transit is committed to timely payments to our vendors.  

To ensure efficient processing and timely payment of invoices, AC Transit requests that all Vendors submit invoices directly to AC Transit’s Accounts Payable Department. Please submit invoices directly to the Accounts Payable Department using one of the following methods: 

Preferred method: Email a .PDF version of your invoice to:  
Accounts Payable Department 
Re: Invoice Submission 
PO Box 28507 
Oakland, CA 94604 

To avoid delays in processing of supplier invoice, please refer to these requirements: 

  • Register online in our Supplier Portal to obtain a 5-digit Vendor Number. Registration link can be found at: AC Transit | About Us | Doing Business with AC Transit | Procurement Opportunities | Supplier Portal | User Registration. The Vendor Number must be contained in all invoices submitted to AC Transit.  
  • Notify AC Transit in case of name | address | ownership | tax ID change with an updated W9 form at: 
  • If you are an existing supplier and do not know your Vendor Number, please send an email to: to obtain your Vendor Number.  
  • Vendors are required to have a Purchase Order number before shipment of goods and services, and submission of invoice.  
  • Vendors must include the following information on first page of invoice: 
    • Vendor Number & Name (must match with W-9 form) (sample
    • Purchase Order Number (sample
    • Purchase Order Line Number billed in this invoice (sample)  Contract Number or Agreement Number, if any 
    • Invoice Number 
    • Invoice Date 
    • Remit Address 
    • Proof of Delivery 
    • Do not include bank information in your invoices 
  • Invoices with incomplete information will be returned.  
  • Vendors are encouraged to submit electronically to: Save your invoice file name as: Vendor Name-Invoice Number (example: ACTransit_Invoice12345)
  • Contact or at (510) 891-4860 for any questions.  

AC Transit does business with responsive, responsible businesses that satisfy the specific criteria for the particular procurement as determined by the District.

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Where Do I Begin?

Please visit our Supplier Homepage to register and view current bidding opportunities.

Where does AC Transit advertise?

AC Transit advertises its contracting opportunities in various narrowcasting medium, such as:


Bay Area News Group

Mass Transit

Public Purchase

Dodge Reports

Builders Exchanges

Solicitation announcements are posted on the Procurement Opportunities page of our website at until bid or proposal submission date.

How to submit Bids or Proposals

To be considered, you must register as a Vendor.

Read all solicitation packages and online solicitation requirements carefully. Ensure that you can comply with all requirements before responding. If you have any questions pertaining to the solicitation requirements, contact the Buyer of Contracts Specialist responsible for the procurement whose name and contact information can be found in the solicitation.

Be sure that your offer arrives on time and in the manner described in the solicitation. All solicitation packages state the date and time the offer is due to AC Transit.

Pre-Bid and Pre-Proposal Meetings may be held for larger, more complicated procurements. At these meetings, an opportunity exists to ask questions on any items relative to the solicitations. Attendance is at the discretion of AC Transit. If you have any questions, please email

Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) Payment Program

Our Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) Payment Program offers many advantages and benefits, including cost and time savings, secure transactions, and improved record keeping.

The all-new Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) Payment Program is a great advancement in our partnership with you. Now, in place of a mailed paper check, your payment for services would be sent via electronic transfer and immediately credited to your financial institution.

To participate, please fill out the Supplier EFT form, then sign and return to AC Transit at either of the following:

Email: or U.S. Mail:

Accounts Payable
AC Transit
PO Box 28507
Oakland, CA 94604

Upon receipt, an AC Transit representative will contact you to confirm your company's pertinent information.

While we process your EFT request, AC Transit kindly asks that your organization continue to invoice our transit district using existing protocols. Please refer to Notice to Suppliers Regarding Invoice Submission.

Should you have questions, phone, or email or (510) 891-4860.

We encourage you to register using AC Transit's Supplier Portal to update any changes to your organization. Registration also allows us to notify you whenever sourcing or bid events are initiated.

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