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Clipper is the Bay Area’s all-in-one reloadable transit card and the preferred way to pay AC Transit fares. Using this contactless payment option, riders can enjoy discounts on single ride fares and Day passes, as well as get exclusive access to prepaid 31-day passes. Load cash and passes onto your Clipper card, now available on your mobile device, and get big benefits, like never worrying about exact change and faster boarding. Learn more about AC Transit Clipper fares and passes. 

Register your Clipper Card so you can manage your account online, set automatic reloads, and secure your balance in case your card is ever lost or stolen.  

50% off AC Transit and all Bay Area transit via Clipper START

50% Off with Clipper START! 

Clipper now offers a program to provide discounts to low-income adults. How does it work? 

  • Apply and provide proof of identity and income​ 
  • Get approved 
  • Receive a personalized Clipper card in the mail to get your discounts 
  • Ride! 

Learn more and apply online at

Get Clipper 

Get Clipper today and start riding easier. There are a variety of ways to purchase a Clipper card.  

For big discounts, eligible riders should apply for a Youth, Senior, or Disabled (RTC) Clipper card, or apply for Clipper START.

Reload Clipper 

Once you have your Clipper card, load it with passes or cash for easy payment. Then tag the Clipper reader with your card or mobile device when you board the bus. Never get held up with an empty card. Set up automatic reloads, reload online, via Apple Pay or Google Pay, or in person at locations around the Bay Area. Learn more about reloading your card.  

Clipper Help 

Want to know more? Visit our FAQs or use these quick links for more information on Clipper’s official website.