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Construction Access Permits

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Construction Access Permits

Why we have Construction Access Permits

The purpose of Construction Access Permits (CAP) is to protect AC Transit property, facilities, services, staff, and the public by establishing conditions and standards for access, construction, or other related activities on or adjacent to AC Transit facilities and for AC Transit to recover the associated costs of providing that protection.

When is a Construction Access Permit Required

A Construction Access Permit is required prior to entering or commencing any work located within AC Transit property, on or adjacent to any AC Transit asset, or any work within 10-feet of any AC Transit fiber optic cable.  A CAP is also required prior to commencing any work that is adjacent to any AC Transit facility or asset that may impact traffic flow or the ingress/egress to any AC Transit facility or asset.

How to apply for a Construction Access Permit

A Construction Access Permit application is initiated by the applicant or designer when a completed application is submitted to the AC Transit Permit Technician. Applications can be found on this page or be obtained by emailing a request for the application to:

Construction Access Permit applications requiring a plan check review must be accompanied by a stamped and signed version of the plans and specifications.

A fee equal to the estimated reasonable cost to process, issue, and maintain the requested Construction Access Permit must be paid prior to the earlier of requested access or the initiation of the plan check review.

Contact for any questions.

Email completed forms to