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AC Transit, Accessibility Advisory Committee Remembers Hale Zukas

AC Transit, Accessibility Advisory Committee Remembers Hale Zukas

January 04,2023

The Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (AC Transit) and its Accessibility Advisory Committee extend our deepest sympathies to family and friends, wish peace, and warm memories, and honor the well-lived life of Hale Zukas.

Hale was much more than a member of the Accessibility Advisory Committee, as an original member, Hale spearheaded the blueprints that the Committee continues to follow more than three decades after its inception. 

Hale knew better than most that public transit is more than buses and trains maintaining schedules and frequency. He knew that transit was a gateway to independence, a rolling lifeline, particularly for riders with disabilities, and engaged AC Transit and other transit systems to reform how we deliver service to disabled riders, often marginalized, and too often sidelined. 

While some advocates rely on loud voices, Hale relied on his helmet-mounted pointer but roared just as loud. And in so doing, Hale assisted staff in reviewing new and emerging assistive technologies, vehicle prototypes, wayfinding signage, and website accessibility. Hale also generously volunteered his time to educate new and veteran Bus Operators on how to better serve seniors and people with a disability, including an untold number of outreach and educational events that promoted and informed the public about the accessibility of AC Transit’s network of bus lines.

Whether it was Hale’s work on our Accessibility Committee, his contributions to the Americans with Disabilities Act, or the US Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board, each is unparalleled in impact and leaves a legacy that will enrich American lives for decades to come. Yet, it is likely his kindness and generosity of spirit that our staff will miss most.

We are grateful for the privilege of knowing Hale and pray that his memory will bring comfort and relief during this time of sorrow.

With deepest sympathy,

H.E. Christian (Chris) Peeples, At-Large Director
AC Transit Board of Directors