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AC Transit Realign

AC Transit Realign

Shape the Future of AC Transit's Bus Network

AC Transit Realign is a comprehensive review of our bus network to respond to shifts in riders' travel patterns. We solicited, heard, and incorporated your input on your essential transit needs and priorities following two phases of public outreach. From what we heard, we established Equity, Reliability, and Frequency as guiding principles to shape the future of our transit network. AC Transit is eager to hear your thoughts on three preliminary service scenarios. Each scenario presents different design alternatives for the bus routes and schedules that make up the AC Transit network.

Balanced Coverage Scenario

The Balanced Coverage Scenario keeps today’s balance between ridership growth and network coverage throughout our system. It simplifies routes to improve reliability and shorten travel times. 

Frequent Service Scenario

The Frequent Service Scenario maximizes ridership growth by focusing service in the highest-demand areas, and reducing service on lesser used bus lines in order to provide weekday service that operates every 30 minutes service in the highest-demand areas.

Realign Unconstrained

Unconstrained Vision Scenario

The Unconstrained Vision Scenario presents a vision of what could be achieved with additional resources, offering a long-term vision for AC Transit's future. It involves a substantial increase in both service frequency and coverage. 

Current System

You can also review our current maps and schedules to help guide your comments and questions about the proposed scenarios.


Printed Copy Locations

Alameda Free Library1550 Oak StreetAlameda
Albany Library1247 Marin AvenueAlbany
Berkeley Main Library2090 Kittredge StreetBerkeley
Berkeley Tarea Hall Pittman - South Public Library1901 Russell StreetBerkeley
Castro Valley Library3600 Norbridge AvenueCastro Valley
El Cerrito Library6510 Stockton AvenueEl Cerrito
El Sobrante Library4191 Appian WayEl Sobrante
Hayward Library835 'C' StreetHayward
Hayward Weekes Library27300 Patrick AvenueHayward
Newark Library6300 Civic TerraceNewark
Oakland Main Library125 14th StreetOakland
Oakland Public Library - Chavez3301 E 12th Street #271Oakland
Oakland Public Library - Rockridge5366 College AvenueOakland
Oakland Public Library - West1801 Adeline StreetOakland
Oakland Asian Branch388 9th StreetOakland
Oakland 81st Ave Branch1021 81st AvenueOakland
Richmond Public Library - Main325 Civic Center PlazaRichmond
San Leandro Public Library - Main300 Estudillo AvenueSan Leandro
San Lorenzo Public Library16032 Hesperian BlvdSan Leandro
San Pablo Public Library2300 El Portal Drive, Suite DSan Pablo

Meetings & Events

AC Transit invites you to participate in the planning process by visiting this web page for the latest information, community engagement events, survey access, register for, and attending our workshops.

Graphic of people standing with speech bubbles overhead

Board of Directors Realign Workshop (Hybrid) & Open House

Date: Wednesday, November 1
Open House: 4 pm
Workshop (Hybrid): 5 pm

This meeting is available in-person and via zoom. Virtual option is encouraged due to limited space capacity in the Board room.


Virtual:  You will be able to attend via Zoom at 
Phone (669) 900 6833
Webinar ID: 984 8717 5063

In Person: 1600 Franklin Street, Oakland, CA, 2nd Floor Board Room

Graphic of people standing with speech bubbles overhead

AC Transit Community Workshop

Date: Thursday, December 7
Time: 6-7:30 pm

This will be a multilingual meeting with Spanish and Chinese interpretation held online via Zoom. Dedicated Spanish only and Chinese only language lines available for callers joining via landlines or regular cell phones.

Dial-in: (877) 369 0926
Webinar ID: 882 3170 7039

Spanish language phone line: (844) 854-2222, access code: 1213095 

Chinese language phone line: (844) 844-0414, access code: 598821 

Graphic of people standing with speech bubbles overhead

Board of Directors Meeting – Realign Update & Open House

Date: Wednesday, December 13
Open House: 4 pm
Meeting (Hybrid): 5 pm

This meeting is available in-person and via zoom. Virtual option is encouraged due to limited space capacity in the Board room.


Virtual:  You will be able to attend via Zoom at 
Phone (669) 900 6833
Webinar ID: 984 8717 5063

In Person: 1600 Franklin Street, Oakland, CA, 2nd Floor Board Room

Upcoming Engagement Events

Thursday, November 26 pmUC Berkeley Graduate Delegate AssemblyVirtual:
Friday, November 32-6 pmShattuck Avenue & Allston Way (Downtown Berkeley)
Monday, November 67 pmAlbany City Council1000 San Pablo Avenue, Albany
Monday, November 66 pmSan Pablo City Council1000 Gateway Avenue, San Pablo
Tuesday, November 77 pmHayward City CouncilCity Hall, Council Chambers, 777 B Street, 2nd floor, Hayward
Tuesday, November 75 pmNorth Richmond MACNorth Richmond Senior Center, 515 Silver Avenue, North Richmond
Tuesday, November 77 pmSan Lorenzo Unified School DistrictDistrict Office: 15510 Usher Street, San Lorenzo
Wednesday, November 88:30 - 9:30 amAlameda Chamber PresentationVirtual, 15-minute presentation. 
Wednesday, November 812 pmFremont Rotary ClubIn-person: Centerville Presbyterian Church, 4360 Central Ave., Fremont
Wednesday, November 87 pmEl Sobrante MACEl Sobrante Library, 4191 Appian Way, El Sobrante
Wednesday, November 86 pmEmeryville Unified School District4727 San Pablo Ave., Building A, Emeryville 
Thursday, November 97 pmNewark City Council37101 Newark Blvd., Council Chambers, Newark
Friday, November 108:30 am - 12:30 pmEl Cerrito Del Norte BART 
Monday, November 133 pmEmeryville Transportation Committee (Committee of the Council)Civic Center, 1333 Park Avenue, Emeryville
Tuesday, November 141 pmAC Transit GMAC (General Manager's Access Committee)Virtual Meeting
Tuesday, November 146 pmBerkeley City Council1231 Addison St., Berkeley
Tuesday, November 1412 pmEast Bay Leadership Council Transportation TaskforceVirtual Meeting
Meeting ID: 872 6242 2059
Passcode: 246386
Tuesday, November 146 pmOakland Chinatown Chamber of CommerceVirtual
Wednesday, November 157 pmBerkeley Unified School District1231 Addison St., Berkeley
Wednesday, November 156 pmCastro Valley Unified School District4400 Alma Avenue, Board Room, Castro Valley (Hybrid)
Wednesday, November 156:30 pmCity of Alameda Transportation Commission 2263 Santa Clara Avenue, Alameda
Wednesday, November 156:30 pmFremont Unified School DistrictHybrid: 4210 Technology Dr., Fremont
Zoom details coming soon
Thursday, November 166-8 pmOakland Bicyclist and Pedestrian Advisory Commission (BPAC)City Hall, Hearing Room 4, 1 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, Oakland
Friday, November 172-6 pmSan Pablo Avenue & 40th Street (Emeryville)
Monday, November 206 pmPiedmont City Council City Hall, 120 Vista Ave, Piedmont
Monday, November 206 pmCastro Valley MACCastro Valley Library:  3600 Norbridge Ave, Castro Valley
Monday, November 206:30 pmSan Leandro City Council835 E. 14th Street, Council Chambers, San Leandro or via zoom: Meeting location: City Council Chambers Access the meeting remotely by using this URL
Tuesday, November 216 pmEl Cerrito City Council10890 San Pablo Ave., El Cerrito
Tuesday, November 217:15 pmEmeryville City Council1333 Park Avenue, Emeryville
Tuesday, November 217 pmFremont City CouncilCity Hall, Building A, 3300 Capitol Ave., Fremont
Monday, November 278:30 am - 12:30 pmFruitvale Tempo Station
Tuesday, November 288:30 am - 12:30 pmHigh Street Tempo Station
Tuesday, November 2810 amCity of Berkeley ILCCypress Conference Room, 2180 Milvia St., 1st Floor, Berkeley (Hybrid)
Zoom link:
Phone: (877) 369-0926
Webinar ID: 853 1976 4729
Tuesday, November 286:30 pmRichmond City Council440 Civic Center Plaza, Richmond
Wednesday, November 299 amBART ILCEast Bay Paratransit: 1750 Broadway, Community Room, Oakland (Hybrid)
Wednesday, November 298 pmUC Berkeley ASUC2465 Bancroft Way, Berkeley
Thursday, November 308:30 am - 12:30 pmEastmont Transit Center
Friday, December 12-6 pmSan Leandro BART Transit Center
Sunday, December 310 am - 2 pmSanta Clara Avenue & Park Street
Monday, December 48:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.Contra Costa College
Tuesday, December 57 pmAlameda City Council2263 Santa Clara Avenue, Alameda
Tuesday, December 54 pmCity of Alameda Board of Education/City Council Joint Committee Meeting on Schools2263 Santa Clara Avenue, Alameda
Tuesday, December 54 pmOakland City CouncilCity Hall, 1 Frank Ogawa Plaza
Wednesday, December 610 amCity of Oakland ILCOakland City Hall, City Council Chambers, 3rd Floor, 1 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, Oakland (Hybrid)
Zoom link: 
US Mobile: (669) 900-6833 or (213) 338-8477
Tel: (877) 853-5247 or (877) 369-0926
Webinar ID: 870 1139 84
Thursday, December 79:30 amCity of Emeryville ILCEmeryville City Hall, Council Chambers, 1333 Park Ave., Emeryville (HYBRID)
US Mobile: (669) 219-2599 or (669) 900-6833
Tel: (877) 369-0926 or (877) 853-5247
Webinar ID: 971 5412 3990
Friday, December 810 amCity of Hayward ILC MeetingCity Hall, Conference Room 2A - 777 B Street, Hayward (Hybrid)
Zoom link:
US mobile: (669) 900-6833 or (213) 338-8477
Telephone: (877) 369-0926 or (877) 853-5247
Webinar ID: 949 9987 2586
Friday, December 82 pm - 6 pmFremont BART Transit Center
Saturday, December 99 am - 1 pmHayward BART Station Bus Transit Center
Tuesday, December 121 pmAC Transit GMAC (General Manager's Access Committee)
Tuesday, December 126 pmEden Area MACSan Lorenzo Library: 395 Paseo Grande, San Lorenzo
Tuesday, December 127-9:30 pmSan Leandro Unified School District835 E.14th Street, Suite 200, San Leandro
Wednesday, December 136:30 pmCity of Alameda Commission on Persons with Disabilities Alameda City Hall, Council Chambers
Wednesday, December 135 pmHayward Unified School DistrictDetails coming: Hybrid -- 24411 Amador Street, Hayward


Additional Resources


What is Realign?

AC Transit is reviewing how bus service works across our service area through the Realign plan. AC Transit Realign is an inclusive planning process that evaluates our existing service network and responds to changing travel patterns. This quantitative and qualitative assessment of AC Transit’s bus lines will gather both data and the rider feedback to develop a new network focused on riders and equity. Your feedback will tell us how well our service is currently operating, meeting your travel needs, and ultimately how to realign our service. The Realign process will also require analyzing post-pandemic revenue losses, funding shortfalls, and Bus Operator workforce challenges to right-size our operations.  

AC Transit Realign also permits our transit district to overhaul service policies and standards, aligning our guidelines with current transit conditions and industry best practices. In doing so, we reaffirm our decades-long commitment to equity and better position the future of how we deliver bus service.  


  • Assess today’s travel patterns and the community’s current AC Transit service needs.  
  • Implement an inclusive planning process that incorporates quantitative and qualitative data along with rider and community feedback – including the voices of hard-to-reach equity communities. 
  • Align service schedules, coverage, and frequencies based on major needs identified by the community, riders, travel pattern data, finances, and workforce availability. 
  • Update our service standards with best practices for the design of our bus service. 

FY 2023-24 Revenue Budget pie chart

Why Realign?

We are updating our service to meet the travel patterns of the new normal. The pandemic led to a historic decline in riders, which resulted in unprecedented fare loss. AC Transit sought and received federal relief funds to keep bus lines moving. After three years, however, ridership has not returned to pre-pandemic levels and relief funds will soon be exhausted. As of March 2023, AC Transit’s overall ridership is 69% of pre-pandemic levels. As Bay Area employers continue to operate remote and hybrid work schedules, we forecast that our ridership and fare recovery will continue to be adversely affected. To save East Bay transit, we must now assess the needs of current riders and travel patterns with new focus on where, when, and how we deliver bus service. 

AC Transit is facing what’s being called a “fiscal cliff” or budget shortfall. Why? The onboard fareboxes capture a small percentage of the dollars needed to operate our transit district. And as the graph below highlights, we rely on a variety of public funding subsidies to support operations. As a result, without a substantial increase in fare revenues and subsidies (regional, state, and federal), AC Transit may be forced to consider service cuts. 


Phases & Timeline*

*Timeline is preliminary and subject to change

Phase 1 - Develop Plans and Learn Rider Needs

Dates: March - June 2023

Realign begins with a thorough analysis of current AC Transit service area conditions. The habits, needs, concerns, and priorities of riders and community members will be identified during this phase through quantitative data review, customer survey responses, and feedback through robust outreach. This phase encourages survey participation, which begins April 17, 2023. The survey will help us understand what’s important, identify priority destinations/connections, and weigh trade-offs/priorities that will inform the development of a draft set of guiding principles.

Phase 2 - Aligning Guiding Principles with Community Assessment

Dates: July - August 2023

This phase will solicit and incorporate feedback from riders, community members and AC Transit’s Board of Directors on the draft guiding principles developed from information gathered in Phase 1. In this phase, a final Guiding Principles document will be adopted by the Board and will establish the support, clarity, and direction for the development of Realign (new bus service network plan).

Phase 3 - Develop Service Scenarios and Gather Feedback

Dates: September - December 2023

Based on the feedback and direction from the first two phases, this phase presents draft service scenarios that offer alternative configurations of AC Transit’s routes and schedules throughout our service area. This is an important opportunity for our riders and community to provide feedback on these service scenarios. 

Phase 4 - Draft Final Service Plan and Plan Adoption

Dates: January - April 2024

Following the comprehensive review of data and community input on the draft scenarios, a draft Final Service Plan will be created, including an extensive update to AC Transit’s Service Standards. The draft Final Service Plan will be shared with the community during a formal public comment process. The Realign process will culminate with review and a formal vote by the AC Transit Board of Directors. An Equity Analysis (under Title VI of the American Civil Rights Act) will ensure that any negative impacts on both minority and low-income populations will be identified and presented for approval on a parallel track.

Phase 5 - Develop Service Standards and Inform Riders about Service Changes

Dates: April - September 2024

Once the Final Service Plan and updated Service Standards are approved, the new service is expected to begin in August 2024. In this final phase, robust promotion will educate riders and community members on how to use the new service network. The updated service policies and standards will help guide future planning and monitoring of AC Transit’s service network. These standards, including hours, days of operation, frequency, and location of bus routes, will guide how service we will operate on the streets and in neighborhoods throughout the AC Transit service area. The standards are based upon multiple factors, including equity, land use, population density, access to jobs, commercial activity, and major attractors such as schools, hospitals, and grocery stores.


Give Feedback

Stay connected by following us on our social channels, reaching out via phone/email.

Community Project Line: 
(510) 267-5631 (English) 
(510) 267-5632 (Spanish) 
(510) 267-5633 (Chinese)
(510) 267-5634 (Vietnamese)

Downloadable Comment Cards: