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February 2024 Employees of the Month

February 2024 Employees of the Month

February 01,2024

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to keep AC Transit buses on the road and running smoothly. Each month, the District honors the service of those drivers and mechanics who contribute directly to this effort by awarding “Employee of the Month” honors from our Supervision, Maintenance and Transportation divisions. Our candidates are nominated by supervisors at our Central Maintenance Facility and at each of AC Transit’s four bus divisions in Emeryville, Richmond, East Oakland and Hayward. Winners from each division and one from the Central Maintenance Facility are selected by the Superintendent of the division. Each winner receives a gift certificate to a local restaurant.

We are pleased to announce the “Employee of the Month” winners for February 2024.


Photo of Transportation Supervisor Kerry Clark

Kerry Clark

Transportation Supervisor

Transportation Supervisor, Kerry Clark is a great team player. Thank you, Kerry, for continuously being a great employee! 

Photo of Small/Medium Duty Mechanic Michael Mulesky

Michael Mulesky

Small/Medium Duty Vehicle Mechanic

Michael Mulesky works at the CMF Non-Revenue Department and is tasked with servicing the District’s Non-Revenue Vehicles. He recently performed a transmission repair that prevented a costly replacement of the complete unit. Michael always has a positive attitude and never hesitates to take on any task that comes through the doors. His attention to detail has saved the District in keeping our vehicles on the road. Thanks, Mike!   


Photo of Bus Operator Rashonda Martin

Rashonda Martin

Bus Operator

Operator Rashonda Martin has a pleasant disposition and a positive attitude, which is an asset to the culture of AC Transit. 

Photo of Journey Level Mechanic Ricardo Torres

Ricardo Torres

Journey Level Mechanic

Ricardo is an exemplary employee who embodies dedication and a strong work ethic. He’s committed to completing all his tasks on time and always works efficiently. Ricardo also goes the extra mile by assisting his peers with challenging tasks. He is a secondary lead who holds strong integrity in his job. Overall, this recognition of the Employee of the Month reflects the value & daily effort that he brings to the district.  


Photo of EQ Clerk Elaine Simmons

Elaine Simmons

EQ Clerk

Elaine is very dependable, and always willing to assist with any task and special events. Elaine enjoys working with others, especially her internal customers. Thank you for being a great employee! 

Photo of Journey Level Mechanic Dan Castro

Dan Castro

Journey Level Mechanic

Recently, Dan has excelled as a Lead Journey Level Mechanic. Dan routinely demonstrates initiative, completes all his assigned tasks, and is engaged with the shop's operations.  Now entering his 25th year with the district, Dan continues to develop his skills and is always willing to share his knowledge and experience with others. Throughout the holiday season, Dan eagerly filled in for the supervisor and had near-perfect attendance. Congratulations Dan!  


Photo of BRT Agent Micheline Comeaux

Micheline Comeaux 

BRT Agent

BRT Platform Agent, Micheline works on the corridor greeting customers, helping with fares, directions, and giving updates on the BRT line. Micheline’s great customer service skills are accredited to being a D4 Operator.  She is an Asset to the BRT Team!!! 

Photo of body Mechanic Juan Gonzalez

Juan Gonzalez

Body Mechanic

Juan Gonzalez is a highly motivated employee who takes pride and ownership in each job that he is assigned to. Recently, D4 was asked to provide a BRT Coach for an important VIP event featuring the Tempo line. Juan took the initiative to repair minor body work and paint corrections to restore the coach to new condition. Thank you for your attention to detail, hard work, and long hours in making the event successful.  


Photo of Bus Operator Pamela Simonton-Smith

Pamela Simonton- Smith

Bus Operator

Pamela Simonton-Smith is an outstanding operator that provides excellent customer service to our passengers. She is always looking to help the district and her coworkers when the need arises. Meeting the day with a smile and her glowing personality she lights up the room. We are very proud to have her as a part of the D6 Hayward Team.  

Photo of Senior Body Mechanic Geronimo Picos

Geronimo Picos

Senior Body Mechanic

Geronimo is a trusted person that you can count on. Any task assigned to him will be completed promptly and in quality. Geronimo is always willing to help his colleagues. D6 and the district are lucky to have a valuable person like Geronimo.