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June 2024 Employees of the Month

June 2024 Employees of the Month

June 01,2024

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to keep AC Transit buses on the road and running smoothly. Each month, the District honors the service of those drivers and mechanics who contribute directly to this effort by awarding “Employee of the Month” honors from our Supervision, Maintenance and Transportation divisions. Our candidates are nominated by supervisors at our Central Maintenance Facility and at each of AC Transit’s four bus divisions in Emeryville, Richmond, East Oakland and Hayward. Winners from each division and one from the Central Maintenance Facility are selected by the Superintendent of the division. Each winner receives a gift certificate to a local restaurant.

We are pleased to announce the “Employee of the Month” winners for June 2024.


Sean T. 

Transportation Supervisor

Sean is an excellent supervisor. He goes above and beyond duty to make sure our passengers are treated with the utmost care and respect. Sean is always willing to help his fellow co-workers handle various tasks throughout the District to get the job done. 

Aman P. 

Journey Level Mechanic

Aman is recognized for his tireless hard work in the CMF revenue shop. He trains new mechanic helpers and apprentices on heavy-duty repair processes, including engine and transmission replacement and in-frame engine overhauls. Aman sets the bar high for getting repairs completed as quickly as possible. Recently, Aman was part of the Bus Roadeo Maintenance Team, representing CMF, and helped lead his team to victory in the top three. Thank you, Aman, for your hard work.   


Mia E. 

Bus Operator

Bus Operator Mia is an outstanding operator that goes above and beyond to assist co-workers and learn new skills. She helps feed staff before their shift as a Breakfast Club Volunteer and assists co-workers with various work issues as an Assistant Shop Steward. She is a team player with a passion for helping others by ensuring co-workers have the appropriate tools and support to succeed.  

Dass A. 

Journey Level Mechanic

Dass is highly valuable to the D2 shop. He has taken on the responsibility of working on the new BEB buses and has done an outstanding job in keeping these buses on the road. Dass never backs away from tough jobs, always giving 100% in all his work. Recently, he has also taken on the role of backup lead to fill in as needed.  


Raphael N.


Dispatcher Raphael went above and beyond to ensure a safe and timely Division 3 emergency evacuation. He also evacuated with all the defect cards and pouches to ensure service did not suffer. Division 3 recognizes Raphael as Employee of the Month for his quick thinking and actions during an emergency. 

Miguel L.

Journey Level Mechanic

Miguel is an exceptional mechanic with a great work ethic who is always willing to assist fellow mechanics in resolving problems. Most mechanics in the shop frequently utilize Miguel as a valuable resource for Div. 3. Recently, Miguel repaired several coaches that had been out of service for quite some time. We are very fortunate and thankful that Miguel is part of our team. 


Michael W.

Bus Operator / Line Instructor

Instructor Michael is a vital member of Division 4. His expansive knowledge, impeccable training skills, and dedication to safety is second to none. He flawlessly executes training for operators on all new District vehicles and maintains a smile during all tasks. We are glad to have Michael as part of the East Oakland Team. 

Kyin K. 

Journey Level Mechanic

Kyin has a strong work ethic and is always willing to help and teach his teammates. Kyin is currently teaching the new mechanic helpers the foundation of the mechanical and electrical systems. Last week, he repaired a Gillig coach, which was pulled from service several times for the same issue. He took the time to inspect the whole system and repaired it promptly. Thank you for all your hard work at D4.


Jaswinder S. 

EQ Dispatcher / Bus Operator

Operator Jaswinder (Jassi) has demonstrated exceptional knowledge, ability, and resourcefulness while performing his job. Doubling his resourcefulness as a Bus Operator and EQ Dispatcher makes Jaswinder a very important part of the D6 team and an asset to the District. He exceeds expectations daily by performing multiple jobs and keeping service delivery fluid, practical, and efficient. 

Jesse A.

Journey Level Mechanic

Jesse is reliable and can be counted on to complete assignments promptly. He is always willing to take on challenging tasks. Jesse helps his co-workers and always makes himself available to his peers. D6 appreciates his efforts.