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AC Transit Remembers Janet Abelson

AC Transit Remembers Janet Abelson

February 15,2023

The Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (AC Transit) and its Accessibility Advisory Committee (AAC) honor the well-lived life of Janet Abelson.

Words fall short of expressing Janet's impact on the lives of seniors and those who use mobility devices to navigate everyday life, particularly as riders on our transit system.

Janet knew that scores of West Contra Costa County residents, who had given up driving or were physically incapable, needed a voice and resources to fulfill their lives unhindered. She turned her soft voice into a roar as one of the original members of the AAC, where she served from 1991 until her passing.

Madam Chair and Vice Chair were Janet's titles numerous times during her tenure on the AAC, including two decades on the Eastbay Paratransit Service Review Advisory Committee (SRAC) and equally 20 years as an original member of the Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District Parcel Tax Fiscal Oversight Committee, where her tireless advocacy led to the unprecedented 2003 Consumer Participation in Driver Training program.

Janet viewed her wheelchair as a mode of freedom and wanted to ensure others would thrive without constraints. So, with keen fiscal oversight, she made it possible for students from disadvantaged backgrounds across West Contra Costa County to gain free bus passes. She was also assiduous about parcel tax funds and ensured, over decades, that AC Transit allocated these precious resources by the will of the voters.

Our family of employees is tremendously saddened by Janet's loss but heartened by her legacy.

AC Transit wishes peace and warm memories and extends our deepest sympathies to Janet's family and friends.

With caring thoughts,

Jovanka Beckles, Ward 1 Director
AC Transit Board of Directors