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East Bay Park and Ride Lots

East Bay Park and Ride Lots

Don’t live near a bus stop? AC Transit routes access several Park & Ride lots in the East Bay so you can leave your car and hop onto a transbay bus. Conditions, costs and rules of the lots listed below are subject to change without notice.

Be advised: Unless otherwise noted, all parking spaces in the two lots below are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. All reserved spaces at Ardenwood have been claimed; no additional spaces are currently available, and there is no waitlist. This site will be updated when reserved spaces become available.

  • Richmond Parkway Transit Center (Richmond Parkway & I-80).
    Lot operated by AC Transit.
    AC Transit line: LA.
    Number of Parking Spaces: 206.
    Fee: All spaces – $4.00 per day.
  • Ardenwood Park & Ride (Ardenwood Blvd. & Hwy. 84, Fremont).
    Lot operated by AC Transit.
    AC Transit lines: SB, U, DB.
    Number of Parking Spaces: 350.
    Fees: 300 first-come, first-served spaces: free.
    50 reserved spaces: $50 per month. Currently unavailable to new users
    11 Handicapped spaces: free (first come, first served).
    Bicycle storage: 4 lockers and 20 rack spaces.

The following is a list of East Bay Park & Ride lots served by AC Transit bus lines.
AC Transit does not operate or control these lots. Look for fee information at your selected lot.

  • Island Dr. & Doolittle Dr., Alameda: Line OX
  • Center St. & I-580, Castro Valley: Line NX4
  • Foothill Blvd & John Dr., Castro Valley: Lines NX4, NXC
  • Fruitvale Ave. & Montana St., Oakland: Lines NL, NX, NX1, NX2
  • Grand Ave. & Lake Park Ave., Oakland: Lines B, NL, NX, NX1
  • Hilltop Dr. & I-80, Richmond: Line LA
  • Union City Blvd. & Smith/Horner streets, Union City: Line SB