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August 2019 Employees of the Month

August 2019 Employees of the Month

August 01,2019

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to keep AC Transit buses on the road and running smoothly. Each month, the District honors the service of those drivers and mechanics who contribute directly to this effort by awarding “Employee of the Month” honors from our Supervision, Maintenance and Transportation divisions. Our candidates are nominated by supervisors at our Central Maintenance Facility and at each of AC Transit’s four bus divisions in Emeryville, East Oakland, Hayward and Richmond. Winners from each of division and one from the Central Maintenance Facility are selected by the Superintendent of the division. Each winner receives a gift certificate to a local restaurant.

We are pleased to announce the “Employee of the Month” winners for August 2019.


Brian Potter

Transportation Supervisor

Brian Potter is the measured voice of reason that represents fairness and teamwork. Mr. Potter tries to help everyone that he can.  Brian is the standard of professionalism.


Jon Thrower


Mr. Thrower has a positive attitude and never hesitates to take on new challenges. He always completes tasks in a timely manner and has a huge roll in the beautification of the District’s bus fleet. Mr. Thrower proves daily to be a team player and a huge asset to the CMF Team.


Timothy Davis

Bus Operator

Bus Operator Timothy Davis makes customer service look easy. He practices safety and patience, even when challenged. Mr. Davis’ performance is in alignment with the Districts’ mission statement and safety culture.

Eduardo Sanchez

Facility Mechanic

Mr. Sanchez is a facility maintenance mechanic with excellent work ethics and professionalism. He demonstrates a positive attitude and is very respectful of his co-workers. Mr. Sanchez assists with mentoring his fellow co-worker and shows he is a team player. We are grateful to have him as part of our team.


Tamarrea Moore

Tamarrea Moore is an exceptional operator that provides great customer service skills. Operator Moor loves her job and shows it in effort and performance.  She goes the extra mile to help keep service on the road, dresses professionally, and maintains a smile for passengers/co-workers. Division 3-Transportation staff hopes Ms. Moore remains eleven more years at Division 3. Congratulations, Ms. Moore!

Ryan Laughlin

Journey Mechanic

Mr. Laughlin is an excellent mechanic and shares those skills with his co-workers. He has quickly learned the processes of the division and has taken on a lead role. Mr. Laughlin assures that all daily tasks are completed and continues to work towards meeting our goals. His hard work is much appreciated.

Brian P. Gilmer

Chief Dispatcher

Chief Dispatcher Brian Gilmer is an essential part of the Division 4 Transportation team. Mr. Gilmer’s vast knowledge of District Operations makes him an instant go-to for all staff. He is also a team player with an exemplary work ethic and perfect attendance. Brian always assists and empowers anyone seeking help. Division 4 appreciates Brian’s performance, dedication, effort, and example.

Zahir Muhammad


Mr. Muhammad is one of our new employees who has already established a reputation for his great work ethic and friendly disposition. His approach to his daily tasks, which play a vital role in keeping the division operating at it’s best is appreciated.  We are all grateful to have him as part of our Maintenance team.

Raychelle Gaines


Raychelle Gaines stepped up as an Extra Qualified Division 6 Dispatcher during a dispatcher shortage. Ms. Gaines worked tirelessly to get the job done by working double shifts and both days off to ensure bus coverage, as needed. She is a reliable team player with a positive attitude and hardworking. Thank you and Congratulations on your much-deserved Employee of the month nomination!

John Sutter


Mr. Sutter is an extremely valuable employee that has excellent work habits and displays a positive attitude to his coworkers. Mr. Sutter completes his assigned tasks in a timely manner and the quality of his work is outstanding.

Brian Potter