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Press Release



November 04,2020

Tempo has transferred fare payment from the front of the bus to the station’s platforms.

OAKLAND, Calif. – The Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (AC Transit) wishes to remind riders that the Tempo BRT Line 1T – bus-only dedicated lane service between Uptown Oakland and the San Leandro Transit Center – fare-free period ends Sunday, November 8.

Full fare payment is required, for all Tempo riders, at the start of service on Monday, November 9.

Each of Tempo’s all-new 60-foot hybrid technology coaches operates like a light-rail train, where riders board from all-doors. In turn, its inventive design has transferred fare payment from the front of the bus to the station’s platforms.

As a result, Ticket Vending Machines (TVM), stationed on all 46 Tempo station platforms, accept cash, credit or debit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

In our ongoing reNEW Plan commitment – developing technologies to safeguard against the risk of COVID-19 transmission – we have eliminated any need to touch TVMs, fareboxes, coins, or dollars. Tempo riders are encouraged to tap your Clipper Card at the TVM readers or download the all-new AC Transit Mobile App, now in beta mode.

It is important to note that fare compliance directly supports the operational costs of Tempo’s history-making service. Therefore, all Tempo riders are required to pay the full fare before boarding the bus. If Tempo fares are paid in cash, riders must retain the paper ticket as proof-of-payment.

Additionally, on Monday, November 9, Tempo Line 1T riders may interact with Fare Compliance Inspectors, either onboard or at stations, who stand ready to assist with fares.
Fare Compliance Inspectors will operate along Tempo’s entire 9.5-mile corridor with a focus on rider safety, respect, and inclusion over fare enforcement.

Fare Inspectors, are members of our transit police partners and may engage riders with friendly reminders to tag the TVM before boarding. In other instances, riders may be asked to demonstrate the method of payment used for that trip – paper ticket, mobile pass, or Clipper Card.

Motorists and cyclists alike are reminded that to achieve optimal bus frequency, Tempo’s bus-only lanes must remain clear of stopped or illegally parked vehicles, including any delivery vehicles. Violators may be subject to citations in-person or citations from Tempo’s onboard forward-facing cameras.

Tempo Platforms Agents will continue their customer-focused services along the corridor. Following rigorous training, Platform Agents stand ready to assist riders with electronic fare purchases, Clipper Card concerns, trip planning, service disruptions or emergency information, and assistance to riders with disabilities. Platform Agents wear Tempo logoed uniforms and high visibility vests, making them easily identifiable to riders. Riders should also note, Platform Agents do not perform any fare compliance.

Additional information on Tempo Line 1T, AC Transit’s fare compliance ordinance, and AC Transit fares, please visit