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In February 2016, the AC Transit Board adopted AC Go (formerly known as the “Service Expansion Plan”) to implement a system-wide plan for service improvements funded through Measure BB, which Alameda County voters passed in November 2014.

AC Go included the following service changes:

Implemented in June 2016:
Three new routes replacing Route 1/1R to accommodate construction of the BRT in the International Boulevard corridor
- Route 1 replacing part of Route 1/1R on International Boulevard
- Route 6 replacing part of Route 1/1R on Telegraph Avenue
- Route 10 replacing parts of Route 1/1R and 99.
Splitting of the Line 98 loop route
Extending Line 57 to Emeryville
Extending Line 12 to Jack London Square
More frequent service on Routes 7, 12, 52, 57, 88, and NL
Discontinued Routes 1R and 58L
Implemented in December 2016:
Line 19 between downtown Oakland and the Fruitvale BART Station via Buena Vista Avenue in Alameda
Extension of Line 14 from Lafayette Square to West Oakland BART
Implemented in March 2017:
Breaking up two loop routes – Lines 25 and 49 – into Lines 36, 79, 80, and 81
Breaking apart segments of Lines 11, 18, 26, and 31 and re-packaging them into Lines 14, 18, 29, 33, and 96
Implemented in June 2018:
Elimination of Line 22 and replacement with an extended and more frequent Line 60
Improvements to Lines 83, 86, and 97
Weekend service added throughout Central County
Improved service on Lines 41 and 56

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