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Ridership, Buses, and Service

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Ridership, Buses, and Service

Ridership—Fiscal Year 2022-23

Daily (weekday)109,000
Paratransit (annual)419,000**

Ridership—Fiscal Year 2021-22

Daily (weekday)91,000
Paratransit (annual)317,000**

**AC Transit and BART contribute to a consortium created to provide paratransit services mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Service (as of September 2022)

Bus lines*132
Bus stopsapproximately 5,400
Annual service miles16.7 million

AC Transit buses connect with sixteen other public and private bus systems, 28 BART stations, seven Amtrak stations, and two ferry terminals.

*Includes 60 local lines with the East Bay, 15 Transbay lines to San Francisco and the Peninsula, 6 All Nighter lines, and 45 supplementary lines.

Service Area

Approximately 1.5 million people live in AC Transit’s 364 square mile service area.

Alameda & Contra Costa counties:
Alameda, Albany, Berkeley, El Cerrito, Emeryville, Fremont, Hayward, Newark, Oakland, Piedmont, Richmond, San Leandro, and San Pablo.

Unincorporated Areas:
Ashland, Castro Valley, Cherryland, El Sobrante, Fairview, Kensington, Irvington, North Richmond, and San Lorenzo.

AC Transit also serves downtown San Francisco via the Bay Bridge as well as Stanford and Palo Alto via the Dumbarton Bridge.


Administrative OfficesDowntown Oakland
Operating DivisionsEmeryville, Richmond, East Oakland, Hayward
Operations Control CenterDowntown Oakland, Emeryville
Central Maintenance & Stores center:East Oakland
Training & Education centerHayward

Bus Fleet Information (as of December 2023)

Series NumberYear Of ManufactureEquipment NameQty
1641-16902022GILLIG, 40'50
7031-70502022NEW FLYER, fuel cell electric bus, 40'20
8008-80282022GILLIG, battery electric bus, 40'21
8006-80072021GILLIG, battery electric bus, 40'2
6301-63352021MCI, Transbay bus, 45'36
15912019GILLIG, HYBRID, 40'1
8001-80052019NEW FLYER, battery electric bus, 40'5
7017-70262018NEW FLYER, fuel cell electric bus, 40'10
1601-16352018GILLIG,  40'35
6201-62152018ALEXANDER DENNIS, double decker, 42'15
1581-15902017GILLIG,  40'10
2301-23272017NEW FLYER, Tempo, BRT, 60'27
2224-22522017NEW FLYER, 60'29
1501-15552016GILLIG, 40'55
1556-15802016GILLIG, HYBRID, 40'25
1401-14682014GILLIG, 40'68
3505-35102014EL DORADO, STB: small transit bus, 26'6
6101-61542014GILLIG, Transbay bus, 40'54
2201-22232013NEW FLYER, 60'27
1301-13652012GILLIG, 40'65
2191-21992009VAN HOOL, 60'9
5105-51392009VAN HOOL, 30'33
1201-12272008VAN HOOL, 40'27

For Aficionados: Bus Series Fleet Information With Picture

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Alexander Dennis Enviro500 44-foot Double Decker 6201-6215 4001-4021, 7201-7223 Series Fleet NABI
El Dorado 24-foot Cutaway BusHistoric Bus Fleet #100
Gillig 40-foot Commuter BusHistoric Bus Fleet #839
New Flyer 60 footHistoric Bus Fleet #1921
Gillig 40 footHistoric Bus Fleet #2013
MCI D45 CRT LE 6300 series Historic Bus Fleet #2103
6001-6079 Series Fleet MCI
Van Hool 60 foot
Van Hool 40 foot

For more information on historic buses, visit the Pacific Bus Museum.