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District Parcel Tax Fiscal Oversight Committee

District Parcel Tax Fiscal Oversight Committee

The AC Transit District Parcel Tax Fiscal Oversight Committee was first established as the Measure AA Oversight Committee in 2003 by the District’s Board of Directors.  Although the Committee’s name has changed over time, its primary responsibility is to review the most recent fiscal year end annual audit to determine whether funds generated by District’s parcel tax measures have been expended in accordance with the intentions of the voters.  It also provides a report of its findings to the Board of Directors on an annual basis.

The Committee is composed of seven members who represent diverse interests and geographic distribution of the communities served by AC Transit in Special Transit District One.  Members are appointed by the District’s Board of Directors and serve a three-year term.  Meetings are held annually (usually in November) and are open to the public.

Committee Members:

Stewart Chen (Alameda, CA)Hank Levy (Berkeley, CA)
Matt Williams (Oakland, CA)Beverly Johnson (Alameda, CA)
Janet Abelson (El Cerrito, CA)Igor Tregub (Berkeley, CA)

Recruitment for Volunteers to Fill a Vacancy on the Committee

Applications are currently being accepted to fill one vacancy that has occurred on the District’s Parcel Tax Fiscal Oversight Committee.  This is a non-paid, volunteer position with a term of office of three years and is subject to reappointment by the Board.  Completed applications must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday, July 15, 2022.  Please consult the Recruitment Notice and Application for details and instructions. 

Meeting Information:

For meeting agendas and minutes, 2019 to current, visit the Public Meetings page.

MeetingsAgenda Minutes Agenda Packet
November 13, 2018AgendaMinutesAgenda Packet
November 14, 2017AgendaMinutesAgenda Packet
June 20, 2017AgendaMinutesAgenda Packet
December 13, 2016AgendaMinutesAgenda Packet
November 15, 2016AgendaMinutesAgenda Packet 
November 19, 2015AgendaMinutesAgenda Packet
June 4, 2015AgendaMinutes Agenda Packet
December 2, 2014AgendaMinutes Agenda Packet 
December 3, 2013AgendaMinutes Agenda Packet
December 5, 2012AgendaMinutesAgenda Packet
December 6, 2011AgendaMinutesAgenda Packet
December 2, 2010AgendaMinutesAgenda Packet
December 1, 2009AgendaMinutesAgenda Packet
December 5, 2008AgendaMinutesAgenda Packet

Reference Documents:

Map of AC Transit Special District 1 and 2

Resolution No. 08-044 Calling for a Special Election for Measure VV

Resolution No. 08-064 Establishing the Parcel Tax Fiscal Oversight Committee

Resolution No. 16-024 To Extend the Term of an Existing Parcel Tax Measure

Resolution No. 18-034 Appointing New Members and Implementing Staggered Three-Year Terms

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Revenues and Expenses by Service Area - 2020

Revenues and Expenses by Service Area - 2019

Revenues and Expenses by Service Area - 2018

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