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AC Transit Service Changes Effective Sunday, March 27

AC Transit Service Changes Effective Sunday, March 27

March 08,2022

Effective March 27, 2022, AC Transit will be implementing changes for Supplementary Service, as well as some minor changes for Local and Transbay Service.

Here are the highlights of our upcoming changes:

  • Later service provided on lines 39 and 88.
  • New schedules adopted to better meet school bell times on several 600-series lines.
  • Line 6 towards Berkeley returned to the Uptown Transit Center.

Service changes effective Sunday, March 27, 2022:

Line(s) Description of Changes
6Line 6 will travel between Broadway and Telegraph Avenue via Thomas L. Berkley (20th Street) instead of West Grand Avenue. It will serve a stop at the Uptown Transit Center, at the corner of Thomas L. Berkley Way (20th Street) at Telegraph Avenue. It will not serve the stop on Broadway at Thomas L. Berkley Way (20th Street).
39Service extended two hours later in the evenings.
76Trips that operate on school days only have new times adopted to better meet school bell times.
88Service extended in the evenings. The last trips will leave Downtown Berkeley at 10:50 pm and Lake Merritt BART at 11:00 pm.
800At the Uptown Transit Center, Line 800 toward Berkeley and Richmond will use the stop closest to Telegraph Avenue (with Line 6), and not the stop closest to Broadway (with Line NL).
OtherMinor schedule changes are made on lines 1T, 6, 7, 20, 21, 28, 40, 45, 51B, 54, 56, 70, 71, 93, 682, 801, F, LA, OX, and W.

New schedules adopted to better meet school bell times on lines 617, 638, 642, 646, 648, 649, 650, 652, 653, 654, 655, 658, 660, 662, and 677.

“Minor schedule changes” move the times of bus trips earlier or later by a few minutes.

In addition, lines that have trips that operate school days only will have updated information on the specific dates they operate available in Maps & Schedules. These lines are 33, 51A, 72M, 76, 95, 97, 217, and 600 through 699.

New schedules and line maps are available at here. All lines have printable timetables available online, and pocket timetables are available on board buses for local bus lines and Transbay bus lines F, NL, O, and 800.

The full listing of bus line timetables is available online or may be requested at the AC Transit Customer Service Center at 1600 Franklin Street in downtown Oakland. For specific questions, call (510) 891-4777, or use the online form.