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New Local Parking Options for Lines O and LA

New Local Parking Options for Lines O and LA

March 30,2022

AC Transit riders can take advantage of two new parking locations with access to our service, through a new initiative from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC). The parking lots, which are being introduced as Pivot Point Commuter Hubs, are part of the MTC effort to help commuters bypass traffic congestion. 

Located under the freeways at I-80 at Buchanan St. in Albany and I-880 at Fruitvale Avenue in Oakland, both lots are served by AC Transit's Transbay express buses: the LA line stops at the Buchanan Hub while the O line stops at the Fruitvale Hub.

Pivot Point lots are independently managed, gated, and staffed by parking attendants during open hours from 6 am to 8 pm, Monday through Friday. For parking fees and mobile payment procedures, please visit the Pivot Point website , or learn more at  Also, developed by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission in partnership with Caltrans, the lots will offer bike racks, bike lockers, and EV chargers.

As commute-time traffic continues to return to normal, the parking hubs offer an alternative place to park and pivot to a Transbay bus.  Tell us what you think of the new lots!