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Line 52: UC Village - Cedar - UC Campus

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Line 52: UC Village - Cedar - UC Campus

University Village to UC campus via University Village, Cedar St., Sacramento St., and University Ave., looping the UC campus via Hearst Ave., Gayley St., Bancroft Way, and Shattuck Ave. (Downtown Berkeley).

Upcoming Schedules - Effective June 16, 2024

  • Mondays through Fridays except holidays
  • Saturday, Sundays and holidays
  • To University Village, Albany
  • To U.C. Campus
  • 6:05am  Not Crowded
    6:21am  Not Crowded
    6:36am  Not Crowded
    6:52am  Not Crowded
    7:08am  Not Crowded
    7:24am  Not Crowded
    7:40am  Not Crowded
    7:56am  Not Crowded
    8:16am  Not Crowded
    8:32am  Not Crowded
    8:48am  Not Crowded
    9:04am  Not Crowded
    9:20am  Not Crowded
    9:36am  Not Crowded
    9:52am  Not Crowded
    10:08am  Not Crowded
    10:24am  Not Crowded
    10:40am  Not Crowded
    10:56am  Not Crowded
    11:12am  Not Crowded
    11:28am  Not Crowded
    11:44am  Not Crowded
    12:00pm  Some Crowding
    12:16pm  Not Crowded
    12:32pm  Not Crowded
    12:48pm  Not Crowded
    1:04pm  Not Crowded
    1:20pm  Not Crowded
    1:36pm  Not Crowded
    1:52pm  Not Crowded
    2:08pm  Not Crowded
    2:24pm  Not Crowded
    2:40pm  Not Crowded
    2:56pm  Not Crowded
    3:12pm  Not Crowded
    3:28pm  Not Crowded
    3:44pm  Not Crowded
    4:00pm  Not Crowded
    4:16pm  Not Crowded
    4:32pm  Not Crowded
    4:48pm  Not Crowded
    5:04pm  Not Crowded
    5:20pm  Not Crowded
    5:36pm  Not Crowded
    5:52pm  Not Crowded
    6:08pm  Not Crowded
    6:24pm  Not Crowded
    6:40pm  Not Crowded
    6:56pm  Not Crowded
    7:12pm  Not Crowded
    7:28pm  Not Crowded
    7:44pm  Not Crowded
    8:00pm  Not Crowded
    8:20pm  Not Crowded
    8:40pm  Not Crowded
    9:00pm  Not Crowded
    9:20pm  Not Crowded
    9:40pm  Not Crowded
    10:00pm  Not Crowded
    10:20pm  Not Crowded
    10:40pm  Not Crowded
    11:00pm  Not Crowded
    11:20pm  Not Crowded
  • 3 Stops
    3 Stops
    6:10am  Not Crowded
    6:26am  Not Crowded
    6:41am  Not Crowded
    6:57am  Not Crowded
    7:13am  Not Crowded
    7:29am  Not Crowded
    7:45am  Not Crowded
    8:01am  Not Crowded
    8:21am  Not Crowded
    8:37am  Not Crowded
    8:53am  Not Crowded
    9:09am  Not Crowded
    9:25am  Not Crowded
    9:41am  Not Crowded
    9:57am  Not Crowded
    10:13am  Not Crowded
    10:29am  Not Crowded
    10:45am  Not Crowded
    11:01am  Not Crowded
    11:17am  Not Crowded
    11:33am  Not Crowded
    11:49am  Not Crowded
    12:05pm  Not Crowded
    12:21pm  Not Crowded
    12:38pm  Not Crowded
    12:54pm  Not Crowded
    1:10pm  Not Crowded
    1:26pm  Not Crowded
    1:42pm  Not Crowded
    1:58pm  Not Crowded
    2:14pm  Not Crowded
    2:30pm  Not Crowded
    2:46pm  Not Crowded
    3:02pm  Not Crowded
    3:18pm  Not Crowded
    3:34pm  Not Crowded
    3:50pm  Not Crowded
    4:06pm  Not Crowded
    4:22pm  Not Crowded
    4:38pm  Not Crowded
    4:54pm  Not Crowded
    5:10pm  Not Crowded
    5:26pm  Not Crowded
    5:42pm  Not Crowded
    5:58pm  Not Crowded
    6:14pm  Not Crowded
    6:30pm  Not Crowded
    6:46pm  Not Crowded
    7:02pm  Not Crowded
    7:18pm  Not Crowded
    7:34pm  Not Crowded
    7:50pm  Not Crowded
    8:05pm  Not Crowded
    8:25pm  Not Crowded
    8:45pm  Not Crowded
    9:05pm  Not Crowded
    9:25pm  Not Crowded
    9:45pm  Not Crowded
    10:05pm  Not Crowded
    10:25pm  Not Crowded
    10:45pm  Not Crowded
    11:05pm  Not Crowded
    11:25pm  Not Crowded
  • 5 Stops
    5 Stops
    6:17am  Not Crowded
    6:33am  Not Crowded
    6:48am  Not Crowded
    7:04am  Not Crowded
    7:20am  Not Crowded
    7:36am  Not Crowded
    7:52am  Not Crowded
    8:08am  Not Crowded
    8:28am  Not Crowded
    8:44am  Not Crowded
    9:00am  Not Crowded
    9:16am  Not Crowded
    9:32am  Not Crowded
    9:48am  Not Crowded
    10:04am  Not Crowded
    10:20am  Not Crowded
    10:36am  Not Crowded
    10:52am  Not Crowded
    11:08am  Not Crowded
    11:24am  Not Crowded
    11:40am  Not Crowded
    11:56am  Not Crowded
    12:12pm  Not Crowded
    12:28pm  Not Crowded
    12:45pm  Not Crowded
    1:01pm  Not Crowded
    1:17pm  Not Crowded
    1:33pm  Not Crowded
    1:49pm  Not Crowded
    2:05pm  Not Crowded
    2:21pm  Not Crowded
    2:37pm  Not Crowded
    2:53pm  Not Crowded
    3:09pm  Not Crowded
    3:26pm  Not Crowded
    3:42pm  Not Crowded
    3:58pm  Not Crowded
    4:14pm  Not Crowded
    4:30pm  Not Crowded
    4:46pm  Not Crowded
    5:02pm  Not Crowded
    5:18pm  Not Crowded
    5:34pm  Not Crowded
    5:50pm  Not Crowded
    6:06pm  Not Crowded
    6:22pm  Not Crowded
    6:38pm  Not Crowded
    6:54pm  Not Crowded
    7:10pm  Not Crowded
    7:26pm  Not Crowded
    7:42pm  Not Crowded
    7:58pm  Not Crowded
    8:12pm  Not Crowded
    8:32pm  Not Crowded
    8:52pm  Not Crowded
    9:12pm  Not Crowded
    9:32pm  Not Crowded
    9:52pm  Not Crowded
    10:12pm  Not Crowded
    10:32pm  Not Crowded
    10:52pm  Not Crowded
    11:12pm  Not Crowded
    11:32pm  Not Crowded
  • 8 Stops
    8 Stops
    6:39am  Not Crowded
    6:55am  Not Crowded
    7:10am  Not Crowded
    7:26am  Not Crowded
    7:44am  Not Crowded
    8:00am  Not Crowded
    8:16am  Not Crowded
    8:32am  Not Crowded
    8:52am  Not Crowded
    9:08am  Not Crowded
    9:24am  Not Crowded
    9:40am  Not Crowded
    9:56am  Not Crowded
    10:12am  Not Crowded
    10:28am  Not Crowded
    10:44am  Not Crowded
    11:00am  Not Crowded
    11:16am  Not Crowded
    11:32am  Not Crowded
    11:48am  Not Crowded
    12:04pm  Not Crowded
    12:20pm  Not Crowded
    12:36pm  Not Crowded
    12:54pm  Not Crowded
    1:10pm  Not Crowded
    1:26pm  Not Crowded
    1:42pm  Not Crowded
    1:58pm  Not Crowded
    2:14pm  Not Crowded
    2:30pm  Not Crowded
    2:46pm  Not Crowded
    3:02pm  Not Crowded
    3:18pm  Not Crowded
    3:35pm  Not Crowded
    3:51pm  Not Crowded
    4:07pm  Not Crowded
    4:23pm  Not Crowded
    4:39pm  Not Crowded
    4:55pm  Not Crowded
    5:11pm  Not Crowded
    5:27pm  Not Crowded
    5:43pm  Not Crowded
    5:59pm  Not Crowded
    6:15pm  Not Crowded
    6:31pm  Not Crowded
    6:47pm  Not Crowded
    7:03pm  Not Crowded
    7:19pm  Not Crowded
    7:35pm  Not Crowded
    7:51pm  Not Crowded
    8:07pm  Not Crowded
    8:19pm  Not Crowded
    8:39pm  Not Crowded
    8:59pm  Not Crowded
    9:19pm  Not Crowded
    9:39pm  Not Crowded
    9:59pm  Not Crowded
    10:19pm  Not Crowded
    10:39pm  Not Crowded
    10:59pm  Not Crowded
    11:19pm  Not Crowded
    11:39pm  Not Crowded
  • 2 Stops
    2 Stops
    12:56pm  Not Crowded
    1:12pm  Not Crowded
    1:28pm  Not Crowded
    1:44pm  Not Crowded
    2:00pm  Not Crowded
    2:16pm  Not Crowded
    2:32pm  Not Crowded
    2:48pm  Not Crowded
    3:04pm  Not Crowded
    3:20pm  Not Crowded
    3:37pm  Not Crowded
    3:53pm  Not Crowded
    4:09pm  Not Crowded
    4:25pm  Not Crowded
    4:41pm  Not Crowded
    4:57pm  Not Crowded
    5:13pm  Not Crowded
    5:29pm  Not Crowded
    5:45pm  Not Crowded
    6:01pm  Not Crowded
    6:17pm  Not Crowded
    6:33pm  Not Crowded
    6:49pm  Not Crowded
    7:05pm  Not Crowded
    7:21pm  Not Crowded
    7:37pm  Not Crowded
    7:53pm  Not Crowded
    8:09pm  Not Crowded
    8:21pm  Not Crowded
    8:41pm  Not Crowded
    9:01pm  Not Crowded
    9:21pm  Not Crowded
    9:41pm  Not Crowded
    10:01pm  Not Crowded
    10:21pm  Not Crowded
    10:41pm  Not Crowded
    11:01pm  Not Crowded
    11:21pm  Not Crowded
    11:41pm  Not Crowded
  • To University Village, Albany
  • To U.C. Campus
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Cities Served

  • Albany
  • Berkeley

Transit Centers

  • Berkeley BART
  • North Berkeley BART

Line Type

Local Lines