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Green Jobs: Kyin Kyu

Green Jobs: Kyin Kyu

April 22,2022

Kyin Kyu has been a journey level mechanic for the past eight years and has specialized in zero emission buses, including hybrids, fuel cell, and battery electric buses, for the past two years. Our zero emission program continues to create green jobs like this.

From training to technologies, change is consistent in the zero emission program, and Kyin has experienced it all. 

Here are some questions we asked Kyin:

How has your role changed over time?

I was hired as a journey level heavy duty mechanic. Pretty much we worked on all kinds of diesel buses. Van Hool, Gillig, New Flyers. Through all the time, I received additional training from AC Transit and it let me to work on higher technology buses. Those buses are very interesting to work on. There is so much to learn.

What brings you pride in your work?

I really feel proud to be working on those zero emission buses. You’re helping the climate, helping the environment. You are creating more opportunities for auto mechanics to learn new technologies, with the California emission law. That makes me feel special working on those buses.

How have zero emission technologies changed how you work?

The difference between early generation [buses] and now is we are working as a team... We are creating the teams in each individual shift, at least 2-3 people per shift. That makes a really big difference between working on the diesel buses by yourself and now with the zero emission buses. You are using different techniques, different methods to fix those buses. It requires a lot of time, data reviews, a lot of time on the computer because it’s a lot of diagnostics. We have more [zero emission] buses now so we need to train more mechanics to be familiar with those buses.

What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of working on those zero emission buses is every day you come into work is not the same. Every day has different learnings. Because of the technology, it makes it interesting to work on. The problem and the answer is never the same.

Kyin Kyu