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Clipper User 1 (1110x390pixels)

Clipper* is the Bay Area’s reloadable card for paying transit fares. A Clipper card keeps track of the value on it and automatically deducts the right fare, including transfers and discounts. You can load an AC Transit pass onto a Clipper card, a pass from another agency, cash value, or all of the above!

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Clipper can make your daily commute more convenient, and more secure. With a Clipper card, you can:

  • Stop carrying multiple forms of payment (exact change, tickets, or passes)
  • Automatically add value when your card balance is low, with the Autoload feature
  • Replace registered cards and restore the card’s balance for a small fee, if your card is lost, damaged, or stolen
  • Get on the bus faster

Clipper cards can be used by adult, youth, senior, and RTC riders on AC Transit, BART, Muni, Caltrain, Golden Gate Transit and Ferry, SamTrans, and VTA (and on the Dumbarton Express.)

* Formerly TransLink (TransLink cards are still accepted and work in the same way as Clipper cards.)