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ACT Updates

ACT Updates

Gen. Mng. Michael Hursh & TEC staff members demonstrate how AC Transit became Northern California’s only zero emission bus mechanical training facility to use a fuel cell power plant within a training classroom.

Congressman Khanna Returns Home, Tours AC Transit

AC Transit welcomed Representative Ro Khanna (CA-17) for a tour of our Hayward-based Training and Education Center, where 43 newly hired bus operators and mechanical maintenance workers are progressing toward regulatory certifications and graduation.

Board Directors Chris Peeples, Diane Shaw, and Murphy McCalley offered Rep. Khanna a real-time view into why AC Transit's Training and Education Center is more than workforce development.

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Service Changes Effective Sunday, August 7

Effective on August 7, 2022, AC Transit will be implementing changes for Local, Transbay and Supplementary Service. Highlights of changes include: Several lines are restored to their pre-pandemic service levels: 12, 18, 29, 33, 57, 71, 72R, 76, 79 and 88. MORE

Zero Emission Reports

AC Transit Unveils Latest Zero Emission Roadmaps : ZETBTA Volume 3, ZEB Transition Plan

For more than 20 years, AC Transit has been a leader in the adoption and advancement of zero emission technology. With the release of two exciting new reports that outline next steps in the transition to a 100% clean air fleet, AC Transit is moving from vision to reality. MORE

Transit Driver Appreciation Day

August 2022 Employees of the Month

Each month, the District honors the service of those drivers and mechanics who contribute directly to this effort by awarding “Employee of the Month” honors from our Supervision, Maintenance and Transportation divisions. MORE

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