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New Transbay Coaches Debut

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New Transbay Coaches Debut

Picture of new MCI commuter coaches

AC Transit introduces a new generation of Transbay service with the rollout of new, redesigned MCI commuter coaches.

Key features of the new coaches are:

  • Better Accessibility: a low-floor area at a second door has room for two mobility devices or seating for passengers who have difficulty using stairs; the second door uses a simpler and faster ramp compared to the old MCI coaches’ lift. Additionally, the front stairs are easier to use. 
  • Rider improvements: brighter LED lighting, airline-style overhead rack space, rider-controlled overhead air vents, and grab bars for stability. 
  • Bicycle racks on front: Three-position bicycle racks are installed on the front of these coaches like all non-Tempo buses. (Cargo bays are no longer available.) 
  • Operational improvements: the new coaches feature faster boarding, a tighter turn radius, and compliance with California clean-air regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any special rules for riding the new MCI bus? 
A: Yes. For a safe and comfortable ride, please follow these suggestions: 

  • Do not use the stairs when the bus is in motion. 
  • Remain seated when the bus is in motion, even after you requested your stop. 
  • Watch your step and hold the handrails as you use the stairs to and from the upper deck. 
  • State law requires riders aged 16 and over to fasten their seatbelts when riding the bus.
  • Always follow all instructions given by your operator.   

Q: What are the accessibility features of the new MCI bus? 
A: The bus has a ramp that deploys from the middle door and leads to a low-floor wheelchair securement and reserved seating area. Riders with mobility devices can push a button and be secured automatically within 25 seconds.

Q: What is the seating occupancy on the bus?  
A: The seating occupancy on the bus is 52 seats, and standing is not allowed.

Q: Does the bus have a bike rack? 
A: Yes, there is a three-position bike rack mounted on the front of the bus. Folding bicycles are allowed inside the bus. You can find more information on bikes on board here. 

Q: Does this bus have Wi-Fi? 
A: Yes, all AC Transit commuter buses offer Wi-Fi service. 

Q: How tall is this bus compared to the green commuter buses (MCIs)? 
A: The original MCI is 11 feet 3 inches tall. The new MCI bus is 11 feet 6 inches. 

Q: How were the new buses funded? 
A: The new MCI buses were purchased with capital grants from the Federal Transit Administration and the California State of Good Repair program.