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Service Notice

Extended: Detours on Telegraph Ave.

Extended: Detours on Telegraph Ave.

May 12,2022

Effective: May 12–August 21

Lines affected:

  • 6 to Downtown Oakland
  • 800 to San Francisco

Stops closed:

  • Telegraph Ave. at 27th St. (Stop ID 51635)
  • Telegraph Ave. at 24th St. (Stop ID 52220)
  • Uptown Transit Center (Stop ID 55777)


  • 27th St. at the east side of Telegraph Ave. (Temporary stop)
  • Broadway at 25th St. (Stop ID 50825): Temporary stop
  • Broadway at West Grand Ave. (Stop ID 53353): Temporary stop
  • Broadway at 19th St. (Stop ID 54700)

Due to: Construction