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Mission Boulevard Transit Signal Priority Project

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Mission Boulevard Transit Signal Priority Project

The Mission Boulevard Corridor is a key north-south roadway located in the eastern part of Hayward and is identified as one of AC Transit’s priority, major corridors. AC Transit is implementing the Mission Boulevard Transit Signal Priority Project (Project) to  improve signal systems technology at select intersections. These improvements will increase the efficiency of bus transit operations, service reliability, and travel time along the Mission Boulevard and Decoto Road corridors. Additionally, this will reduce travel time between BART stations located in Hayward and Union City.

This Project is funded by Caltrans’ Low Carbon Transit Operations Program grant. This is awarded to projects that invest in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improve transportation sustainability in communities which have been disproportionately impacted by historical transportation decisions affecting low-income and communities of color.

Mission Blvd intersection graphic

The Project includes 32 signals along the Mission Boulevard and Decoto Road corridors moving through the cities of Hayward and Union City, and Caltrans right-of-way. Installation work is expected to begin in Summer 2023 and conclude in early Fall 2024.

For more information on this project, contact or call (510) 891-7262. You may also check the project page for updates, or sign-up for AC Transit’s eNews, an online subscription to information and updates related to the District, bus service and/or projects.

Mission Boulevard Proposed Improvements map

Proposed Intersection Upgrade Locations

Mission Boulevard and D StreetSBHayward
Mission Boulevard and Jackson Street/Foothill BoulevardSBHayward
Mission Boulevard and B StreetNBHayward
Mission Boulevard and C StreetNBHayward
Watkins Street and D StreetNB/SBHayward
Watkins Street and Jackson Street/Foothill BoulevardNB Hayward
Mission Boulevard and Fletcher LaneNB/SBHayward
Mission Boulevard and Highland Avenue/Sycamore AvenueNB/SBHayward
Mission Boulevard and Orchard Avenue/Carlos Bee AvenueNB/SBHayward
Mission Boulevard and Berry AvenueNB/SBHayward
Mission Boulevard and Harder RoadNB/SBHayward
Mission Boulevard and Sorenson RoadNB/SBHayward
Mission Boulevard and Moreau (Calhoun North)NB/SBHayward
Mission Boulevard and Calhoun Street (South)NB/SBHayward
Mission Boulevard and Hancock StreetNB/SBHayward
Mission Boulevard and Tennyson RoadNB/SBHayward
Mission Boulevard and Valle Vista AveNB/SBHayward
Mission Boulevard and Industrial Pkwy/Alquire PkwyNB/SBHayward
Mission Boulevard and Garin AvenueNB/SBHayward
Mission Boulevard and Arrowhead WayNB/SBHayward
Mission Boulevard and Fairway StreetNB/SBHayward
Mission Boulevard and Rousseau StreetNB/SBHayward
Mission Boulevard and Gresel Street/Corrine StreetNB/SBHayward
Mission Boulevard and Blanche StreetNB/SBHayward
Mission Boulevard and Lafayette AvenueNB/SBUnion City
Mission Boulevard and Tamarack Dr.NB/SBUnion City
Mission Boulevard and Whipple RoadNB/SBUnion City
Mission Boulevard and Decoto RoadNB/SBUnion City
Decoto Road and 5th StreetNB/SBUnion City
Decoto Road and 7th StreetNB/SBUnion City
Decoto Road and 11th StreetNB/SBUnion City
Decoto Road and Station WayNB/SBUnion City

Project Elements

The project includes two elements:

  • A) Installation of Transit Signal Priority (TSP) technology along the Project corridor. TSP on buses communicates with traffic signals and requests green light time at intersections to reduce transit delays and improve transit travel time reliability.
  • B) In some locations, there is existing TSP equipment in place that needs to be upgraded. Throughout the project, a GPS-tracking TSP technology will be newly installed or upgraded, taking full advantage of the latest detection and signal timing abilities. Additionally, this project will update signal timing coordination which will provide improved detection capabilities and provide more efficient transit and traffic operations.

Project Schedule

  • Winter 2022 through Spring 2023: Finalization of Project Design 
  • Summer 2023 to early Fall 2024: Construction

Project Library

For your questions or comments, please contact us at or by calling (510) 891-7262.

Please check the project page for updates or sign up for the eNews for information and updates.

Other Related but Separate Projects in the Area

The Alameda County Transportation Commission (ACTC) is developing the East Bay Greenway Project that will traverse the cities of Oakland, San Leandro, and Hayward as well as the unincorporated communities of Ashland and Cherryland. This project is a proposed regional trail that will connect seven BART stations as well as downtown areas, schools, and other major destinations that may start towards the end of the AC Transit project.  More information about that project can be found here.