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AC Transit Marks Earth Day with New Zero Emission Fleet

AC Transit Marks Earth Day with New Zero Emission Fleet

April 21,2022

AC Transit has been a leader in advancing zero emission technology for more than 20 years. This Earth Day we mark the next phase of our transition to a 100% zero emission fleet with the delivery and launch of more than 40 new zero emission buses.  

In our continued commitment to fighting climate change, we have invested in the cleanest bus fleet—21 Battery Electric 40-foot buses and 20 hydrogen fuel cell 40-foot buses—with an all-new look. The new buses were purchased with generous grants provided by state, regional, and federal agencies. 

Our all-new battery electric buses have no combustion engine, no transmission, and no gearbox, which means no noise. They even convert the heat from brakes back to onboard electricity. The new hydrogen fuel cell buses are just as innovative. Fueled by hydrogen to charge on board batteries that power the motor, they eliminate up to 135 tons of greenhouse gas each year.

The new fleet feature refreshed decals of a colorful and reimagined roadway, which symbolizes AC Transit’s commitment to a 100% zero emission fleet by 2040, as well our designation as leaders on the road to a zero emission future.

By adding a new fleet of 100% clean air vehicles, we are bringing quieter, healthier, and cleaner transit to our communities, focusing on some of the East Bay’s most vulnerable neighborhoods. Just one zero emission bus eliminates nearly 2,000 tons of CO2 in its average lifespan—equivalent to removing 30 cars from Bay Area roads.

As one of California’s earliest adopters of zero emission technology, AC Transit has propelled ahead of other agencies across the state. We are already reducing greenhouse gases, logging more than 5 million zero emission miles, and eliminating nearly 13,000 metric tons of CO2. We’re even testing bus engine technologies in our landmark Zero Emission Transit Bus Technology Analysis Study.  

A 100% zero emission fleet by 2040 is well underway at AC Transit, and its why the #RoadMapTo2040 starts here. This is how we fight climate change! Learn more about how AC Transit is transitioning to a 100% zero emission fleet by 2040 at