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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

The AC Transit Strategic Plan is a policy document that describes the District’s core values, vision and mission statements, goals, and strategic initiatives. The Strategic Plan was approved in April 2019 and will be reviewed and updated periodically to best reflect current and anticipated conditions.

An addendum to the Strategic Plan was prepared in April 2022 to better reflect the District’s vision and goals in light of changed conditions since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • Safe and secure operations
  • Convenient and reliable service 
  • Financial stability and resiliency 
  • High-performing workforce 
  • Strong public and policymaker support 
  • Environmental improvement 

Strategic Initiatives: 

  • Service quality 
  • Infrastructure modernization 
  • Employee recruitment, training, and retention 
  • Zero emission programs 
  • Financial efficiency and revenue maximization 

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