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Realign Draft Plan

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Realign Draft Plan

Introducing the Draft Plan 

The Draft Plan prioritizes need: by improving bus lines to our neediest communities with a service frequency of every 15 minutes or better and by enhancing reliability on bus lines that analysis has shown need the most improvement. 

The Draft Plan is carefully crafted to optimize current service and provide opportunities for future expansion without exceeding budgetary constraints. It also accounts for the limitations of available Bus Operators, ensuring that the proposed bus network's adjustments are possible within our existing labor force.  

This Draft Plan suggests the introduction of new bus lines, consolidation of certain lines, potential elimination of others, and adjustments to existing bus lines. All proposed changes to bus lines are identified in the Plan with the label "DB.” 

Realign Interactive Map

The Realign project team has developed this interactive tool to allow you to explore and comment on the draft service proposal. This tool allows you to see all line proposals throughout the AC Transit service area, along with proposed frequencies and operating hours. The tool also allows you to compare existing service with proposed service and understand how coverage for AC Transit bus service and ADA Paratransit could change. To download the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) data on the Realign Draft Plan, click here.  

Planning Area Summaries

West Contra Costa County

Proposed changes in West Contra Costa County improve service frequency to 30 minutes or better and improve reliability throughout most of Richmond, San Pablo, El Cerrito, and unincorporated areas of the county. Lines DB70, DB72, DB72R, DB74, and DB76 are proposed to be adjusted.  Several lines would have improved coverage and/or hours of operation (including lines DB72M, DB70). Line DB71 would remain unchanged, while Line 376 is proposed for elimination due to low ridership. The frequency of Line DB72R service would be adjusted to every 30 minutes from the current 12-minutes, allowing for the reallocation of resources to other areas of the bus network. Line DB70 is proposed to be extended from Richmond BART along Cutting Boulevard to Del Norte BART. With the inclusion of DB76 on Cutting Boulevard, the combined bus lines would arrive every 15 minutes. Line DB72 would end at Contra Costa College, with an extended Line DB76 covering the Rollingwood neighborhood using a new alignment. Line DB74 would end at Olinda and Valley View Roads to provide faster trips to and from De Anza Senior High School. Line 376 is proposed for elimination due to low ridership and its resources would be reallocated to other parts of the bus network. 

Northern Alameda County

In Northern Alameda County, the Realign Draft Plan proposes to maintain or improve frequency on key corridors, reduce the need for transfers, introduce service to new destinations, and improve overall connectivity. AC Transit would serve new areas, including Brooklyn Basin (DB96), Alcatraz Avenue (DB29), and Stanford Avenue (DB7); improve service in western Alameda (DB20); and offer new service on Piedmont Avenue and the Broadway corridor with a new direct link between Alameda and Kaiser Oakland (DB19). Lines DB12 and DB52 would have frequency restored to pre-pandemic service levels. The proposal calls for a weekday frequency reduction of DB14 and DB62 but gain weekend frequency to better match post-pandemic travel demands. Another proposal would combine lines to eliminate transfer and provide frequent service along DB6, DB18, DB51, DB88, which experience high ridership. Lines 46, 47, 80, 314, 339, and 356, previously temporarily suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic, are proposed for elimination due to low ridership.  Transforming suspensions into eliminations frees up bus and operator resources that can be reallocated to other demands within our bus network. Importantly, areas currently served by these lines would have nearby alternatives. Additionally, some segments previously served by the suspended lines would have new or modified service, including DB46L, serving East Oakland’s 82nd Avenue, and DB27, along Berkeley’s Ashby Avenue. 

Central Alameda County

Proposed changes are intended to create a balanced distribution of coverage and frequency across Central Alameda County. Most lines retain existing alignments to ensure key destinations continue to be served, and a few lines would be adjusted to improve coverage and provide new connections. Line DB28’s proposal offers more direct service to the San Leandro Boys and Girls Club. Line DB86 would be extended into the Hayward Business Park to cover areas previously served by Line 83. Line 99 is proposed for elimination and partially replaced with extended Line DB10 service south to Union City along the Mission Boulevard corridor, reducing the need for transfers. Lines DB10, DB28, DB34, DB35, DB56, and DB93 would all have improved service frequencies, and Line DB60 would have a small reduction in service frequency. 

South Alameda County

Proposed changes in Southern Alameda County aim to enhance the coverage and reliability of service. Lines DB212, DB216, DB217, DB232, and DB239 are proposed for adjustments. Lines DB200, DB210, DB216, DB232, DB239, and DB251 would have improved coverage and/or hours of operation. Lines 99 and 215 would be discontinued. Line 99 is proposed for elimination and a new Line DB299 would replace it between Union City BART and Fremont BART via Decoto Road and Fremont Boulevard. With both lines DB210 and DB299 running on Fremont Boulevard, a bus would arrive every 15 minutes between Decoto Road and Walnut Avenue in Fremont. Line DB217’s proposal would be shortened to operate between Fremont BART Station, California School for the Blind, Ohlone College Fremont, and Warm Springs BART Station. Line DB232 would be shortened to operate between NewPark Mall and Union City BART and the portion between Union City BART and Fremont BART would be covered by Line DB216. Line DB239 would connect Pacific Commons with both Fremont BART stations. Line 215 is proposed for elimination due to low ridership and Lines DB212 and DB217 are proposed as partial replacements. Line DB200 would be extended further west into Newark and frequency would be reduced to 30 minutes. Line DB212 would no longer serve Pacific Commons but would be extended to provide service into Santa Clara County.  


Proposed changes focus on supporting the current service. Transbay Lines B, C, CB, H, M, NX1, NX2, NX4, NXC, S, SB, and Z, temporarily suspended in March 2020 due to historical low ridership, are proposed for elimination in 2025.  Previous riders of these lines would generally have alternative service options such as other Transbay and local lines connecting to BART stations. Existing lines L and LA, and W and OX are proposed for consolidation into lines DBL and DBW. These changes aim to better match service levels with current ridership and allow bus and operator resources to be re-invested in our neediest communities. To support the Richmond Parkway Transit Center’s park-and-ride, which connects to Line LA, Line DBL proposes to eliminate service to San Pablo’s Princeton Plaza shopping center. Proposed Line DBW would eliminate Line W service along Fernside Boulevard and High Street in Alameda, continuing to Bay Farm Island to serve Line OX stops.  

All Nighter

All Nighter service proposed changes would include a frequency reduction of Line DB801 to every 60 minutes to match rider levels and reallocate resources to lines serving San Leandro and other southern destinations. In addition, Line DB805 proposes to adjust its routing east of Coliseum BART to mirror alignment with Line DB73.


Route Profiles

Changes are coming to many lines throughout the AC Transit service network. See how this scenario will impact your current trips by clicking on the corresponding Route Profile. 

Current LineRealign Draft PlanChange from ExistingNotes
1TDB1TNo change
6DB6, DB51Routing, Reliability
7DB7, DB27Routing, Frequency
10DB10Routing, Frequency
12DB12Frequency, Hours of Operation, Reliability
14DB14Frequency, Hours of Operation
18DB18Routing, Frequency, Hours of Operation, Reliability
28DB28Routing, Frequency
29DB29Routing, Frequency
33DB18, DB88EliminationReplaced by DB18 and DB88
35DB35Routing, Frequency
36DB36Routing, Hours of Operation
39DB21EliminationReplaced by DB21
40DB40Hours of Operation
41DB41No change
45DB45Routing, Frequency
46DB46LEliminatedSuspended Since Pandemic
46LDB46LNo change
47EliminationEliminationSuspended Since Pandemic
51ADB6, DB51Elimination, RoutingReplaced by DB51
51BDB6, DB51Elimination, RoutingReplaced by DB51
52DB52Hours of Operation
54DB54Frequency, Hours of Operation
56DB56Frequency, Reliability
57DB57No change
70DB70Routing, Frequency
71DB71No change
72DB72, DB76Routing
72MDB72MHours of Operation, Reliability
72RDB72RFrequency, Reliability
73DB73Routing, Hours of Operation, Frequency
74DB74Routing, Reliability
76DB76Routing, Hours of Operations
79DB27, DB36EliminationReplaced by DB27 and DB36
80DB27EliminationSuspended Since Pandemic
83DB86EliminationSuspended Since Pandemic
88DB88Routing, Frequency, Hours of Operation
90DB90No change
94EliminationEliminationSuspended Since Pandemic
95DB95No change
96DB96Routing, Reliability
97DB97Hours of Operation
98DB98No change
99DB10, DB299EliminationReplaced by DB10 and DB299
200DB200Routing, Frequency
210DB210Hours of Operation
212DB212, DB239Routing, Frequency
215DB217, DBWMZEliminationReplaced by DB217 and DBWMZ
216DB216Routing, Frequency, Hours of Operation
217DB212, DB217Routing
232DB216, DB232Routing, Hours of Operation
239DB212, DB239, DBWMZRouting, Hours of Operation
251DB251Hours of Operation
314EliminationEliminationSuspended Since Pandemic
339DB21EliminationSuspended Since Pandemic
356EliminationEliminationSuspended Since Pandemic
800DB800No change
802DB802No change
840DB840No change
851DB851No change
BDBNL, DBNX, DBVEliminationSuspended Since Pandemic
CDB57, DB88EliminationSuspended Since Pandemic
CBDBVEliminationSuspended Since Pandemic
EDBENo change
FDBFNo change
FSDBFSNo change
GDBGNo change
HDB7EliminationSuspended Since Pandemic
JDBJNo change
LDBLRoutingConsolidation of L and LA
LADBLEliminationReplaced by DBL
MEliminationEliminationSuspended Since Pandemic
NLDBNLNo change
NXDBNXNo change
NX1DBNXNo change
NX2DBNXEliminationSuspended Since Pandemic
NX3DBNX3No change
NX4DB28EliminationSuspended Since Pandemic
NXCDBNXEliminationSuspended Since Pandemic
OXDBWEliminationReplaced by DBW
PDBPNo change
SDB34, DB35, DB97EliminationSuspended Since Pandemic
SBDB97, DB200EliminationSuspended Since Pandemic
UDBUNo change
VDBVNo change
WDBWRoutingConsolidation of OX and W
ZEliminationEliminationSuspended Since Pandemic

The Draft Plan eliminates lines suspended during the Pandemic: 46, 47, 80, 83, 94, 314, 339, 356, B, BF3, C, CB, H, M, NX4, NXC, S, SB, Z.