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Riders may need to transfer to another bus or a different transit agency at some point along their journey. The easiest way to transfer, either between AC Transit routes or other transit agencies in the Bay Area, is to use Clipper. Keep your Clipper card loaded and tag the reader upon boarding; if a transfer discount is offered, it will be instantly applied, and the correct fare will be deducted automatically. Riders making frequent transfers should consider purchasing a pass for unlimited rides or paying with your mobile device to tap into the benefits of pay-as-you-go fares.

Transferring within AC Transit

Transfers between AC Transit buses require additional fare in most cases.

Transbay bus


  • Transbay-to-Local : Clipper users receive one free transfer to a local AC Transit bus within two hours of tagging on a Transbay bus. Riders paying with their mobile device can transfer to a local bus within two hours of activating their Transbay ticket. Free transfers are not available when paying with cash. 
  • Local-to-Transbay : Clipper users and paper Day Pass holders can transfer from a Local to a Transbay bus by paying an “upgrade fare” as noted on the Fares page. The upgrade fare is automatically applied when using Clipper; paper Day Pass holders must swipe their pass on the Transbay bus, then add the appropriate fare to the fare box. Riders paying with the mobile device must purchase and activate a Transbay ticket for boarding first a Local bus then a Transbay bus within two hours. 
Tempo bus

Tempo and All-Nighter

Riders on Tempo Line 1T transferring to other AC Transit lines must pay single ride fare or use a valid pass to board. However, between the hours of midnight and 6:00 am riders transferring between Tempo and All-Nighter routes at transfer points do not have to pay an additional fare. If transferring to the All-Nighter, riders should show their Tempo proof of payment. If transferring to Tempo, riders should ask the All-Nighter operator for a free transfer, which must be in the rider’s possession for the duration of their Tempo ride.

Interagency Transfers

Valid passes and transfers from participating agencies are accepted by AC Transit for one local fare credit at intersecting, or transfer, points. If you are transferring to another participating agency, ask your AC Transit driver for an “Interagency Voucher” when boarding. Present this to the other agency’s driver for a free transfer or discount when applicable. Transfer discounts are automatically applied when using Clipper. See the list of agencies below for more details.


  • Clipper users automatically receive a one-time $0.50 discount on the first local bus trip away from BART within one and a half hours of exiting BART.
  • No discount is available when transferring from AC Transit to BART.


  • No discount is available when transferring from AC Transit to Caltrain.

Capitol Corridor

  • One free transfer to AC Transit local routes, or local fare credit for Transbay service if paid in cash. See Fares page for Transbay Upgrade Fare.
  • No discount is available when transferring from AC Transit to Capitol Corridor. 

Golden Gate Transit

  • Golden Gate Transit route 580 riders receive one free, local transfer to the first AC Transit bus boarded in the East Bay. Applied automatically when using Clipper.
  • When transferring to Golden Gate Transit route 580, AC Transit riders receive a fare credit of $2.25 (Adult) or $1.10 (youth/senior/disabled). Applied automatically when using Clipper.


  • AC Transit 31-day Pass holders receive a local fare credit on SamTrans within two hours of tagging their Clipper card on AC Transit. Riders paying with cash or mobile device receive one free local ride by presenting an interagency voucher from AC Transit.

San Francisco Bay Ferry

  • One free transfer to AC Transit local routes, or one discounted transfer to AC Transit Transbay routes within 1.5 hours of tagging off the San Francisco Bay Ferry at Oakland, Alameda-Main Street, Alameda-Harbor Bay, Alameda-Seaplane, or Richmond terminals. Clipper only.
  • One discounted ferry ride within ninety minutes of tagging on an AC Transit bus: $2.25 discount for Adult $1.12 discount for Youth/Senior/Disabled. Clipper only. 

Union City Transit

  • One free transfer to AC Transit local routes, or one discounted transfer to AC Transit Transbay routes within 1-1/2 hours of boarding Union City Transit. Transfer automatically applied when using Clipper; see Fares page for Transbay Upgrade Fare. When paying with cash, riders must present AC Transit driver with Union City Transit transfer or paper Adult Monthly Pass. 
  • Clipper users receive one Local fare credit on Union City Transit within two hours of tagging on AC Transit. When paying with cash, riders must obtain an Interagency Voucher from AC Transit, or present a valid Day Pass.


  • Monthly or SmartPass only: One free transfer to AC Transit local routes or one discounted transfer to AC Transit Transbay routes within 2-1/2 hours of boarding VTA. See Fare page for Transbay Upgrade Fare. 
  • One local fare credit on VTA within 2 hours of tagging on AC Transit busClipper only.


  • One free transfer to a Local AC Transit bus with a transfer from WestCAT operator. Transfer automatically applied when using Clipper within one hour of boarding WestCAT. 
  • One discounted fare within two hours of AC Transit boarding: Discounted fare is $1.00 for Adult and Youth riders and $0.50 Senior and Disabled riders. Discount applied automatically when using Clipper.
  • Starting October 1, 2021, WestCAT will be providing free rides on weekday (Monday – Friday) Spare the Air Days. Spare the Fare free rides will be available on all WestCAT routes, including Lynx Transbay service to San Francisco, while funding is available.