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Bus Rapid Transit is Coming to Downtown Oakland!

Bus Rapid Transit is Coming to Downtown Oakland!

June 18,2019

AC Transit’s much-anticipated East Bay Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is finally coming to downtown Oakland!

BRT is often called “light rail on wheels” because it brings the frequency, safety, and reliability of light rail to the bus rider. The service will run primarily along International Boulevard between downtown Oakland and the San Leandro BART Station. BRT’s new fleet of five-door, hybrid-electric buses will offer train-like boarding along this 9.5-mile route, arriving every seven minutes during peak times. This revolution in East Bay transportation will begin serving the community by the end of year!

Construction on this exciting community project will soon begin on Broadway between 11th and 20th Streets, and on 11th and 12th Streets between Broadway and Lake Merritt Boulevard. Crews will build new BRT stations featuring improved lighting, real-time arrival information, and artistic enhancements. New wheelchair-accessible curb ramps will be installed, making street crossing easier and safer for the visually impaired and for those using mobility devices. High-visibility crosswalks will be created, and traffic signals upgraded, helping to create safer streets for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. Finally, 11th and 12th Streets will be repaved for a smoother ride to downtown businesses and entertainment.

In order to complete this work as quickly as possible, and to minimize disruption to businesses and residents, some weekend and nighttime work may occur. Regular bus service will be affected… but we’ve got you covered!

Construction of the BRT’s City Center Station at 11th and Broadway will occur first. This work is scheduled to take approximately one month and will only minimally impact bus stops. During later stages of construction, as additional BRT infrastructure is built, AC Transit buses will be detoured off Broadway between 11th Street and T. L. Berkley Way (20th Street) onto Franklin Street. Northbound AC Transit lines will serve temporary stops on Franklin Street between 11th Street and T. L. Berkley Way (20th Street). Some southbound lines will be detoured off Broadway and serve temporary stops on Telegraph Avenue between T. L. Berkley Way (20th Street) and 15th Street. The Uptown Transit Center will have limited service but will become the transfer point for the All-Nighter buses.

This is a tentative plan and subject to change. Construction of all BRT stations in downtown Oakland will take approximately three months to complete. As with all construction, field conditions and weather may affect schedules and work area locations.

AC Transit is committed to providing you, our riders, with the information you need to continue to get you where you need to go. Future service alerts related to BRT construction will include detailed information about temporary bus stop closures and their effective dates. These alerts will be sent out before any changes go into effect, so you have the information you need to plan your trips.

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AC Transit’s BRT will benefit all those who work, live, and visit the East Bay by providing a more frequent and reliable bus transit experience. We are excited to bring this innovative service to the community in a matter of months! To learn more about the BRT visit While there, you can subscribe to the BRT newsletter and follow the project on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for all the latest updates.