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Press Release



April 12,2021

Rider limits remain dramatically reduced due to COVID-19 public health restrictions 

OAKLAND, Calif. – The Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (AC Transit) announces the reactivation of several supplementary bus lines to some schools around the East Bay. Supplementary bus lines, which are identified as 600-series, were temporarily suspended in March 2020 in response to COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders. In December 2020, following months of shuttered school sites, Governor Gavin Newsom announced the “Safe Schools for All” guidelines to reinstate in-person academic instructions. 

Since the governor's announcement, AC Transit has worked tirelessly with East Bay public school districts and independent school administrators to identify which campuses will restore in-class instructions. 

AC Transit has been advised several school sites will reopen Monday, April 19, 2021. Following months of collaborative meetings on bell times and instructional schedules, we have developed the following bus schedules: 

Newark Unified School District 

  • Newark Junior High School.  
  • Reactivated Line 620, with 1 morning trip and 1 afternoon trip.  
  • Newark Memorial High School 
  • Reactivated lines 626, 628, and 629, with 3 morning trips and 3 afternoon trips.  

Oakland Unified School District 

  • Community Day School 
  • Reactivated Line 648, with 1 morning trip and 1 afternoon trip.  
  • Montera Middle School 
  • Reactivated lines 614, 642, 646, 649, 650, 653, 655, 660, and 677, with 7 morning trips and 8 afternoon trips.  
  • Line 614, a newly added shuttle, with 3 morning and 3 afternoon trips to Montclair Village, where students using local Line 33 may also access other frequent local AC Transit lines to reach Fruitvale BART, Seminary Avenue & Broadway, MacArthur Boulevard & Broadway, 40th Street & Broadway, and Grass Valley Road. 
  • Oakland Technical High School 
  • Reactivated lines 696 and 651, with 1 morning trip and 2 afternoon trips. 
  • Skyline High School 
  • Reactivated lines 617, 638, 639, 646, 648, 649, 652, 658, and 662. 
  • Line 639 is a newly added shuttle, with 3 morning and 3 afternoon trips, which will aid students transfers to frequent local AC Transit lines at Merritt College and the Dimond District.   
  • Additional trips are added to existing local Line 39. 

West Contra Costa Unified School District 

  • Juan Crespi Middle School 
  • Reactivated lines 669, 672, and 676, with 3 morning trips and 8 afternoon trips.  
  • De Anza High School 
  • Reactivated lines 669 and 676, with 1 morning trip and 5 afternoon trips. 
  • Dejean Middle School 
  • Reactivated Line 681, with 2 morning trips and 4 afternoon trips.  
  • Korematsu Middle School  
  • Reactivated Line 684, with 2 morning trips and 6 afternoon trips.  

Click the link for individual time schedules and trip planning of our reactivated supplementary bus schedule. 

We are encouraged by state health reports that the rate of new daily COVID-19 cases has declined across California, and simultaneously vaccination rates are steadily increasing. Nevertheless, AC Transit’s overall bus service is operating at roughly 70% of pre-pandemic levels. Equally important, passenger capacity remains dramatically reduced due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

Although Alameda and Contra Costa counties have qualified for the state’s Orange (moderate) tier, public health officials have not eliminated COVID-19 mandates, which require riders to continue to wear facemasks and maintain six-foot social distance while onboard all AC Transit buses. 

As a result, AC Transit directly appeals to our student riders, parents, and school administrators to partner with us in ensuring no more than 10 total passengers on our 40-foot standard buses and 16 total passengers on our 60-foot articulated buses.  

Due to continued public health restrictions, AC Transit riders may experience bus stop bypass and trip delays.  

When the onboard count reaches either the 10 or 16 passenger thresholds, the operator will change the external head-sign to “Drop-Off Only,” alerting awaiting riders that the bus will likely bypass the stop. The operator will, however, continue to recognize requests by onboard riders to exit. 

AC Transit is heavily relying on school personnel at each campus to assist our Bus Operators with orderly student boarding, use of facemasks, and compliance with onboard passenger limits. 

If the bus stop is bypassed, you can learn the passenger capacity of the next bus by accessing the AC Transit Rider Capacity Feature. It is easy to understand with icons in green, orange, and red, which allow riders to adjust commute plans or choose alternate transportation options in real-time.  

To access the Rider Capacity Feature, visit from your desktop or mobile device or download the AC Transit Official app, free on iOS and Android. Riders may also call Customer Service at 510-891-4777 and select option 2 or call 511.   

Undoubtedly, COVID-19 will continue to create uncertainty, and AC Transit shares the concerns of our student riders and their families. However, parents and school leaders are assured that our transit district will jointly navigate the complexities of campus reopening, changing health guidelines, and our resources with expediency and transparency. 

By deploying measured safety protocols, we have operated our trusted bus service, throughout the pandemic, particularly to the neediest riders, and we appreciate our East Bay communities continued support. AC Transit is looking forward to returning to traditional service as soon as safely possible. 

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The Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District is California’s third-largest bus agency, providing an average of nearly 180,000 daily passenger trips with 151 bus lines throughout the 364-square-mile service area. AC Transit provides safe, convenient, courteous and reliable service in 13 cities and adjacent unincorporated areas in Alameda and Contra Costa counties as well as carrying almost 13,500 daily riders across the bay to San Francisco. For map and schedule information, visit or call 511 and say “AC Transit.”