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Realign: Draft Service Proposal

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Realign: Draft Service Proposal

Draft Final Service Plan Proposal Postponed for Additional Review

AC Transit appreciates your written contributions, submissions by phone, and in-person feedback during the first three phases of Realign. The Board of Directors recently voted to postpone any changes to the bus network, which now allows for more engagement with our riders and East Bay communities.

Our goal continues to be delivering a future bus network through Realign’s principles of Reliability, Frequency, and Equity. We will broadly notify our riders and communities of dates for new Realign outreach and any advancements to the Draft Final Service Plan.

The Draft Service Proposal represents the results of significant feedback received during Realign Phase 3 in Fall 2023. Recognizing the importance of reliability to riders and operators, AC Transit incorporated line proposals from Realign Phase 3 into the new plan, while adding significant resources to ensure dependable bus arrivals. To maintain cost-neutrality in both dollars and operational resources, the focus on improving reliability comes at the cost of frequency reductions on several lines. The adjustments in routing aim to optimize service quality within resource constraints and address public feedback. 

This draft proposal represents the most equitable distribution of resources across the service area given the feedback and the need to improve reliability. They serve as a robust foundation for a future network, providing flexibility for the District to expand its services as additional operators and funding become available.

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West Contra Costa County

This proposal optimizes service routes to meet changing demand, benefiting riders and the Western Contra Costa community. Line DA70 continues serving Richmond BART and extends to Del Norte BART, aiming to enhance reliability and accessibility for Equity Priority Communities. Notably, service along Cutting Blvd. is improved to every 15 minutes. Line DA72 maintains current frequency but terminates at Contra Costa College. Line DA72M retains its current route but extends weekday service hours in the evening to align with the existing weekend service span, facilitating travel within Equity Priority Communities along San Pablo Ave. and MacDonald Ave. To improve service reliability, Line DA72R’s route remains unchanged, with a decreased frequency to every 30 minutes. The Line DA76 proposal aims to enhance access and reliability to the Rollingwood Neighborhood while maintaining the same frequency. The Line DA74 proposal suggests termination at the intersection of Olinda Road and Valley View Road to provide quicker trips from De Anza Senior High School to Richmond. Service between Valley View Road and Castro Ranch Road, where ridership is low, would be discontinued. Additionally, Line DA376 is discontinued due to low ridership, reallocating resources to improve service reliability and frequency in other parts of the network. Line DA71 remains unchanged.

Northern Alameda County

Line DA6 maintains 12-minute frequency on Telegraph Ave. from Downtown Oakland to Berkeley, extending through Alameda to Fruitvale BART. Line DA51 connects existing Line 51A and 51B segments in Oakland and Berkeley to provide a one-seat ride between the Berkeley Marina, downtown Berkeley, Rockridge, and downtown Oakland, terminating at Lake Merritt BART. Line DA7 continues through Berkeley, extends to Shattuck Ave., Adeline St., and Stanford Ave., terminating at Emeryville Amtrak. Line 79 would no longer operate, replaced by Line DA27 at 30-minute frequencies covering Downtown Berkeley to El Cerrito Plaza BART. Line DA29 operates every 30 minutes from Emeryville to Rockridge BART via Alcatraz Ave. Line DA65 is proposed as weekdays-only with 45-minute frequencies and would no longer serve the 'Senior Loop' area of the Berkeley Hills. Line DA67 operates weekdays-only with 60-minute frequencies. Line DA18 will not serve 7th or 8th streets and Lake Merritt BART, but would instead operate via 11th and 12th streets to Park Blvd., terminating in Montclair Village. Line DA88 extends to Piedmont, mirroring Line 33's current route, and discontinues service on 11th and 12th streets to Lake Merritt BART. Line 33 would no longer operate. Line DA19 connects to Main St. Ferry Terminal. In Alameda, Line DA20 will be diverted from Webster and serve Main St. and Stargell Ave. Line DA21 discontinues connection to Oakland Airport and operates a one-way loop between the Main St. Ferry Terminal and Fruitvale BART, serving Skyline High School. Line DA96 extends to Brooklyn Basin. Lines DA57 and DANL operate every 20 minutes. Proposed changes in Northern Alameda County align Lines DA72, DA72M, and DA72R with Western Contra Costa County adjustments. Line B61 is no longer proposed in this plan.

Central Alameda County

The changes in this scenario are intended to create a balanced distribution of coverage and frequency across Central Alameda County. Most lines retain their existing alignment to ensure that key destinations continue to be served, however, a few lines will be redesigned to improve coverage and provide new connections. Line DA28 would more directly serve the San Leandro Boys and Girls Club. Line DA86 would be extended into the Hayward Business Park to cover areas previously served by Line 83. Line 99 would be discontinued and replaced with extended Line DA10 service south to Union City along the Mission Blvd corridor, reducing the need for transfers. Lines DA28, DA34, DA35, DA56, and DA93 would have improved weekday service frequency. 

South Alameda County

Service frequency and hours of operation would be improved on some lines, with many lines reconfigured. Adjustments in South Alameda County aim to enhance the coverage and reliability of service throughout the area. Line DA200 would be extended further west into Newark. Line DA212 would be redesigned to provide service into Santa Clara County instead of Line DA217, and Line DA217 would be shortened to operate between Fremont BART, CA School for the Blind, Ohlone College, and Warm Springs BART. Line DA232 would be shortened to provide service between NewPark Mall and Union City BART, and Line DA216 would be reconfigured onto Mission Blvd. to provide replacement service between Union City BART and Fremont BART. Line DA239 would connect Pacific Commons with both Fremont BART and Warm Springs BART. The new Line DA299 would operate between Union City BART and Fremont BART via Decoto Road to maintain service provided by the existing Line 99, which would be discontinued. Line 215 would be discontinued due to low ridership, and Lines DA212 and DA217 would serve as partial replacement routes. A new microtransit zone in Warm Springs is also being considered for post-August 2024 implementation.


Changes to Transbay service include eliminations of existing Lines LA and OX and modifications to other lines to provide alternative service. In addition, Line DAL would no longer serve the Princeton Plaza shopping center, and Line DAW would no longer operate on Fernside Blvd. & High St. These changes better align service with passenger demand and enable the delivery of more reliable service throughout the overall transit network. 

For existing line LA passengers, substitute service continues to be available at Richmond Parkway Transit Center as Line DAL would be extended to serve it. Passengers that would normally take Line LA at other locations besides Richmond Parkway Transit Center could take Lines DA70, DA71, or DA76 to Richmond Parkway Transit Center or to a Line DAL stop along San Pablo Ave. and transfer to Line DAL

For Line OX, substitute service will continue to be available at Bay Farm Island as Line DAW would be extended to serve it.  Most passengers that would normally take Line OX or Line W on the main island could use Line DAO for alternative service or continue to use Line DAW depending on the exact location. The twelve Transbay lines suspended since March 2020 (lines B, C, CB, H, M, NX1, NX2, NX4, NXC, S, SB, and Z) will be discontinued due to low ridership.
All-Nighter service changes will include a reduction in frequency for Line DA801 to every 60 minutes to match actual passenger levels and reassign resources to services to San Leandro and points south.  In addition, Line DA805 will be rerouted in the area east of Coliseum BART to provide a more direct routing and align it to be identical to Line DA73


Route Profiles

Changes are coming to many lines throughout the AC Transit service network. See how this scenario will impact your current trips by clicking on the corresponding Route Profile. 

Current LineFinal Draft Service PlanChange from Existing
6DA6, DA51Routing
7DA7, DA27Routing, Frequency
10DA10Routing, Frequency
18DA18Routing, Frequency, Hours of Operation
19DA19Routing, Frequency
28DA28Routing, Frequency
29DA29Routing, Frequency
33DA18, DA88Discontinued
35DA35Routing, Frequency
45DA45Routing, Frequency
46DA46LDiscontinued Since Pandemic
47DiscontinuedDiscontinued Since Pandemic
51ADA6, DA51Discontinued, Routing
51BDA6, DA51Discontinued, Routing
70DA70Routing, Frequency
72DA 72, DA76Routing
72MDA72MHours of Operation
73DA73Routing, Hours of Operation
79DA27, DA36Discontinued
80DA27Discontinued Since Pandemic
83DA86Discontinued Since Pandemic
88DA88Routing, Frequency
94DiscontinuedDiscontinued Since Pandemic
99DA10, DA299Discontinued
200DA200Routing, Frequency
210DA210Hours of Operation
212DA212, DA239Routing, Frequency
217DA212, DA217Routing
232DA216, DA232Hours of Operation
239DA212, DA239Routing, Hours of Operation
251DA251Hours of Operation
339DA21Discontinued Since Pandemic
314DiscontinuedDiscontinued Since Pandemic
356DiscontinuedDiscontinued Since Pandemic
BDANL, DANX, DAVDiscontinued Since Pandemic
CDA57, DA88Discontinued Since Pandemic
CBDAVDiscontinued Since Pandemic
HDA7Discontinued Since Pandemic
MDiscontinuedDiscontinued Since Pandemic
NX2DANXDiscontinued Since Pandemic
NX4DA28Discontinued Since Pandemic
NXCDANXDiscontinued Since Pandemic
SDA34, DA35, DA97Discontinued Since Pandemic
SBDA97, DA200Discontinued Since Pandemic
ZDiscontinuedDiscontinued Since Pandemic

This scenario does not propose resumption of pre-pandemic service on the following lines: 46, 47, 80, 83, 94, 314, 339, 356, B, BF3, C, CB, H, M, NX4, NXC, S, SB, Z.