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Rider Capacity Feature on AC Transit Buses

Rider Capacity Feature on AC Transit Buses

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Find out if the next bus is crowded before you go with real time rider capacity information on your mobile device. Try the beta version of AC Transit’s rider capacity feature, now available for most trips.

This feature supports reNEW, AC Transit’s COVID-19 response plan, which outlines our multi-prong commitment to a healthy East Bay.

How it Works

Approximately 80% of AC Transit’s fleet is equipped with automated passenger counting (APC) sensors that feed into our data—providing real-time rider capacity information for all AC Transit bus lines on most trips. This data is refreshed every 15-seconds, providing riders with up-to-date trip planning information.

For some trips, rider capacity information is not yet available, but we are working to equip all buses in the fleet with APC sensors.

Plan Ahead and Stay Safe


Icons displayed next to each trip determine whether it is safe to ride depending on how crowded the bus is.

If the next bus does not show any crowding prediction, it means that bus is not yet equipped with APC sensors and cannot make a prediction.

Get the Rider Capacity Feature

The rider capacity feature is already embedded into AC Transit’s existing real-time trip planning tools. If you don’t already use these tools, there are a variety of ways to access them.

  • Download the AC Transit Official app, free on iOS and Android, available in the app store.
  • Visit from your desktop or mobile device
  • Call Customer Service at 510-891-4777 and select option 2 or call 511.
  • This information is also available from other third-party partners that use our data, like Transit app.

What’s Next

While most AC Transit buses are equipped with passenger counting technology, a small percentage still need to be retrofitted. AC Transit is actively pursuing ways to modernize our entire fleet, enabling the rider capacity feature for all trips.

Additionally, this beta feature is being optimized for accessibility and riders who use screen reader technology are advised to use the AC Transit Official app for the best experience.

Tell Us What You Think

Let us know what you think about the rider capacity feature. If you’ve used this feature and have feedback, share it with us at,, or call Customer Service at 510-891-4777, option 2.