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Transit Month

Transit Month

Transit Month

Happy Transit Month! Agencies and advocacy groups around the Bay Area are celebrating the month with events, gatherings, and prizes, including us! Scroll to find out more details about this month's events, who's participating, and where you can find them.

Rider waiting to board the 51B

Ride Contest

The San Francisco Transit Riders have organized a ride contest that will give you the opportunity to win raffle prizes some of your favorite transit agencies. Every ride is another entry into our Transit Month raffle 

Enter for your chance to also win prizes for the most rides taken, the best transit picture, and the best transit story. There will be weekly prizes, as well as ones for the whole month! 

Raffle prizes provided by AC Transit: 

  • Zero Emission Station Tour
  • Behind the Wheel Experience
Line F parked in Berkeley, with two students walking by

September 7: AC Transit Class Pass Forum

9 a.m. - 2 p.m. | UC Berkeley | Wheeler Hall Plaza

We, along with UC Berkeley Parking & Transportation, are hosting the AC Transit Class Pass Forum. Instead of an online forum, as we have been doing for the last two years, we want you to meet with both AC Transit and P&T Staff, in person, in the Fall, to discuss:

  • Multimodal Transit Connections
  • Using the Student EasyPass and Clipper BayPass
  • ...and more
Two girls with masks on, sitting on the bus, looking at a phone screen

Welcome to AC Transit

Whether you are new to AC Transit or have been riding with us for years, you might not be aware of all the changes and improvements we’ve made to ensure it’s easier than ever to board, pay, and ride. From new contactless ways to pay your fare on your mobile device or on Clipper, to new technology that shows you real-time bus capacity, you’ll discover something new about AC Transit.

Tempo bus sticker being held on platform

Tempo Scavenger Hunt

August 2022 marks the second anniversary of the launch of Tempo, our rapid bus system connecting the downtowns of Oakland and San Leandro. To honor the anniversary we are giving you the chance to win some Tempo swag! 

We will place stickers in visible spots at select Tempo stations. Send us the station, location, and a photo of the sticker with a direct message on social media or on our website to win. Winners who locate at least six of the stickers will receive a grand prize!