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Double Deckers Are Rolling

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Double Deckers Are Rolling

actransit's double decker bus

AC Transit continues its commitment to improve Transbay service with the introduction of double decker buses. These buses are brought to you by Transbay Tomorrow, a visionary AC Transit project dedicated to reduce overcrowding and improve congestion on the Bay Bridge. The double decker buses will increase capacity to 78 passengers per coach with amenities such as Wi-Fi, footrests, reclining seats on the upper deck and three bike racks, while offering sweeping panoramic views of the Bay.

The first phase of the rollout included Lines FS and J, two of the highest ridership routes, serving over 1,600 passengers daily. The second phase brings double decker buses to Lines L and LA on February 11, 2019. These two Transbay lines serve over 1,200 passengers daily.

AC Transit brand ambassadors are available during the rollouts to answer questions and offer safety tips for comfortable rides. For further information, please refer to the brochures available on buses, review the FAQ section below, check out our Ridership, Bus Fleet and Service page, or call Customer Service at 510-891-4777.

AC Transit staff is very pleased to bring this dramatic improvement to Transbay service, and hope you will enjoy the double decker experience.


Q: Are there any special rules for riding the double decker bus?
A: Yes. For a safe and comfortable ride, please follow these tips:

  • Do not use the stairs when the bus is in motion.
  • Remain seated on the upper deck when the bus is in motion, even after you requested your stop.
  • Watch your step and hold the hand rails as you use the stairs to and from the upper deck.
  • Please remember: upper deck clearance is 5 feet 7 inches.
  • Always follow all instructions given by your operator.

Q: Why are double decker buses used only on Transbay lines?
A: During feasibly study and pilot testing, it was determined that the double decker buses would provide the most passenger benefit on Transbay lines.

Q: Why did you choose Lines FS, J, L and LA for the double decker buses?
A: AC Transit staff selected Transbay lines with highest ridership numbers, coupled with routes marked by minimal operational challenges, such as power lines and low-hanging tree branches.

Q: What are the accessibility features of the double decker bus?
A: The bus has a ramp that deploys from the front door and leads to two wheelchair securement and reserved seating areas.

Q: Does the bus have a bike rack?
A: Yes, there is a three-position bike rack mounted on the front of the bus. Folding bicycles are allowed inside the bus. You can find more information on rider guides on bikes here.

Q: Does this bus have Wi-Fi?
A: Yes, all AC Transit commuter buses, including the double decker buses offer Wi-Fi service.

Q: How tall is this bus compared to the green commuter buses (MCIs)?
A: An MCI is 11 feet 3 inches tall. This double decker bus is 13 feet 6 inches tall.

Q: Where was this bus manufactured?
The double decker buses for the U.S. market are manufactured in Nappanee, Indiana.