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Grand/West Grand Avenue Rapid Corridors Project

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Grand/West Grand Avenue Rapid Corridors Project

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AC Transit is pursuing the Grand/West Grand Avenue Rapid Corridors Project to enhance reliability and reduce travel time by improving traffic signals and upgrading or relocating bus stops. These adjustments represent the initial steps to enhance transit operations along the Grand/West Grand Avenue corridor and bring service quality for lines 12 and NL closer to the improvements recommended in the AC Transit Major Corridors Study.

You can sign up for line-specific project updates here.

You can review the proposed Grand/West Grand Avenue Improvements Projects by clicking the image below to open a printable PDF. Please see Project Schedule below for ways you can provide input and submit comments. Please review the design and provide us with your comments and see below for further information about a future virtual community meeting and how you can share your comments.

Grand/West Grand Avenue Proposed Improvements

City of Oakland 

Bus Stops (Bus Stop ID) Direction Impacted Service Proposed Changes Parking changes 
W Grand Ave & Mandela Pkwy (52585) WB Line NL Relocate stop 115 feet to east. -1 
W Grand Ave & Mandela Pkwy (54811) EB Line NL Relocate stop to far side. -3 
W Grand Ave & Adeline St (55865) WB Line NL Relocate stop to far side. -4 
W Grand Ave & Adeline St (59180) EB Line NL Longer bus stop  -1 
W Grand Ave & Market St (52335) WB Line NL Relocate stop to far side -1 
W Grand Ave & Market St (53535) EB Line NL No change 
W Grand Ave & Brush St (NEW) EB Line NL New bus stop at far side -6 
W Grand Ave & Brush St (NEW) WB Line NL New bus stop at near side, sidewalk improvements -2 
Grand Ave & Park View Terrace (58819) WB Lines 12, 805 Relocate stop to far side -2 
Grand Ave & Park View Terrace (58185) EB Lines 12, 805 No change 
Grand Ave & Perkins St (55542) WB Lines 12, 805, NL No change 
Grand Ave & Perkins St (55144) EB Lines 12, 805, NL Longer bus stop by moving bike share station 50 feet to east -2 
Grand Ave & Staten Ave (51351) WB Lines 12, 805 Remove stop +2 
Grand Ave & Staten Ave (56442) EB Lines 12, 805 Remove stop +3 
Grand Ave & Euclid Ave (56446) WB Lines 12, 805 No change 
Grand Ave & Euclid Ave (52247) EB Lines 12, 805 Longer bus stop -1 

Notes: The table above lists bus stops with proposed changes. Bus stops without proposed changes are not included.   

AC Transit Line 12 driving up to curb

Project Elements

  • Proposed Bus Stop Improvements: Relocating and upgrading bus stops will improve reliability and reduce travel time. The longer curbs and sidewalk enhancements at stops will provide better access to the buses. There are several factors that determine changes to an existing bus stop. Considerations include safety, adjacent land uses, accessibility, and bus operations. Maintaining proper stop spacing (i.e. how close was the previous stop and how far is the next stop) supports reliable and on-time local and rapid bus service as defined by AC Transit Board Policy No. 501. In addition, stops proposed to be removed are usually lower-ridership stops that are too close to a neighboring stop with higher ridership activity. 

    The Project proposes to relocate near-side bus stops (located immediately before crossing intersections) to far-side bus stops (located immediately after crossing intersections). Proposed near-side to far-side relocations will also allow buses to take advantage of proposed traffic signal changes and reenter traffic more easily.  Relocating the bus stops to the far-side of the intersections is expected to increase safety and promote healthy, and equitable mobility for all. This supports policies recently adopted by the Cities of Berkeley and Oakland.
  • Proposed Traffic Signal Improvements: Improved traffic signals will help buses travel more efficiently by allowing for extra seconds of green light, or turning the light to green earlier when needed. Buses approaching traffic signals will either have an early green time or the traffic signal will hold green for buses to cross the intersection to the far side stop. This will minimize delay to the buses and vehicle drivers, and enhance traffic safety to pedestrians as they will be crossing the intersection behind the buses. The project will retime the traffic signals to provide more clearance timing for pedestrian crossing and more crossing timing for bicyclists.

See Grand/West Grand Rapid Corridors Project Fact Sheet for more details.

Project Schedule

  • Spring 2021: Virtual Community Meeting, survey, and public input period for the Grand/West Grand Avenue Rapid Corridors Project. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a workshop for this project was held virtually through Zoom on June 8, 6:00 to 7:30 pm.
  • Summer 2021 through Fall 2021: Finalization of project design 
  • Spring 2022 to Fall 2022: Construction 

You can also provide feedback by participating in the virtual community meeting and survey. Please check the project page for updates, or sign up for the eNews for information.