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AC Transit Temporarily Suspended Bus Line Descriptions

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AC Transit Temporarily Suspended Bus Line Descriptions

Temporarily suspended bus lines as of August 7, 2022

Temporarily Suspended Bus Lines

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, AC Transit has temporarily suspended service on lines throughout the service area.

AC Transit’s numbered lines serve the East Bay.

Lines 1–299 operate normal hours. Of these, lines 46, 47, 80, 83, and 94 have been suspended.

Lines 300–399 do not operate during the commute period. They operate at other times of the day: for example, mid-days only, weekends only, or evenings only. Of these, lines 314, 339, and 356 have been suspended.

Lines 600–699 are timed to match the instruction hours of local schools, and operate only when schools are in session. 

Lettered lines (A–Z) are Transbay routes, connecting the East Bay to San Francisco or the Peninsula. Lines B, BF3, C, CB, FS, H, M, NX4, NXC, S, SB, and Z have been suspended.

Local Lines

46Coliseum BART to Oakland Zoo via 81st Ave., 82nd Ave. Fontaine St., Keller Ave., and Mountain Blvd.
47Fruitvale BART to Trask St. & 55th Ave., Oakland, via Monticello Ave. and Birdsall Ave.
80El Cerrito Plaza BART to Ashby Ave. & Claremont Ave. via Central Ave, Pierce St., Pacific East Mall, University Village, 6th St., 7th St., and Ashby Ave.
83Hayward BART to South Hayward BART via A St., Hesperian Blvd., Clawiter Blvd., Investment Blvd., Arden Rd. and Tennyson Rd.
94Hayward BART to Hayward Highlands via East St. and Hayward High School.
314From West Oakland Post Office (7th St. & Campbell St.) to Edgewater Dr. & Hegenberger Blvd., Oakland, via Downtown Oakland, Webster St., Santa Clara Ave., Alameda Towne Center, Otis Dr., Doolittle Dr., and Hegenberger Rd.
339Fruitvale BART to Chabot Space & Science Center via Fruitvale Ave., Lincoln Ave., Joaquin Miller Rd., and Skyline Blvd.
356E. E. Cleveland Senior Center to Alameda South Shore Center via Palo Vista Gardens, Allen Temple Arms, Hegenberger Rd., Doolittle Dr., and Otis Dr.

Transbay Lines

BLakeshore Ave. & Longridge Dr. to Salesforce Transit Center, San Francisco via Longridge Dr., Trestle Glen Rd. and I-580.
BF3From 22nd St. & Bissell Ave., Richmond, to Transbay Bus Storage Facility (2nd St. & Harrison St.), San Francisco, via I-580 and I-80.
CHighland Ave. & Highland Way, Piedmont, to Salesforce Transit Center, San Francisco via Moraga Ave., Piedmont Ave. and 40th St.
CBWarren Freeway and Broadway Terr. to Salesforce Transit Center, San Francisco via Duncan Way, Harbord Ave., Broadway Terrace and Broadway.
HBarrett Ave. & San Pablo Ave., El Cerrito, to Salesforce Transit Center, San Francisco via Arlington Ave., Monterey Ave. and Gilman St.
MHayward BART to Hillsdale Shopping Center via San Mateo Bridge and (commute hours only) Oracle Headquarters.
NX4Castro Valley Park & Ride to Salesforce Transit Center, San Francisco via Center St., Seven Hills Rd., Lake Chabot Rd. and Foothill Blvd.
NXCSalesforce Transit Center, San Francisco to Castro Valley Park & Ride via I-580, Fruitvale Ave., MacArthur Bl., Foothill Bl., Lake Chabot Rd., and Seven Hills Rd. From S.F. only; travel to S.F. via line NX, NX3, or NX4.
SWinton Ave. & Hesperian Blvd., Hayward, to Salesforce Transit Center, San Francisco via Hesperian Blvd., Paseo Grande, Washington Ave., Lewelling Blvd., Farnsworth St., Merced St. and I-880.
SBCedar Blvd. & Stevenson Blvd., Newark, to Salesforce Transit Center, San Francisco via Cedar Blvd., Newark Blvd, Union City Blvd. and Hesperian Blvd.
ZSalesforce Transit Center, San Francisco to San Pablo Ave. & Marin Ave., Albany via Christie St., Hollis St. and Sixth St.