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Safety Tips

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Safety Tips

Rider, Pedestrian, & Cyclist Safety Guide

Get to know what our newest service means for motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians in the area.

There have been several changes introduced to the road with Tempo Line 1T. These changes mean everyone needs to be extra cautious. We’ve put together these safety guides and tips to help everyone learn more about how to navigate the new road patterns and stations.

Street Safety Tips

  • Vehicles are adhering to new traffic rules—use extra caution as they learn the new road patterns
  • Be aware that emergency vehicles also use bus-only lanes
  • Use the new pedestrian safety islands if you need a place to rest while crossing the street
  • Take note of the new bike lanes and bike in designated lanes when possible; do not bike in bus-only lanes
  • Review the motorist safety guide to familiarize yourself with new traffic patterns and signals

Station Safety Tips 

  • Use designated crosswalks, pedestrian walk signals, and sloped sidewalks to access Tempo stations
  • Avoid standing close to the edge of the station platform
  • Always stand behind the yellow warning strip
  • Tempo Line 1T features state-of-the-art safety systems like cameras at stations and on the buses
  • Please don’t skateboard, skate, scooter, or bike at the station
  • If you’re riding Tempo Line 1T with your bike, check out our bike tips

Motorist Safety Guide

There have been several changes introduced to the road with Tempo Line 1T. These changes mean everyone needs to be extra cautious—particularly drivers in the area. We’ve put together this guide so you can easily navigate the new roadway. 

  • Stay in your lane: bus-only lanes are exclusively for buses and emergency vehicles and there is no physical barrier between the bus-only lane and multi-use traffic lanes
  • Tempo buses use special bus-only signals; use extra caution and only proceed when you have a green light
  • Share the road: be alert and watch for pedestrian crosswalks and bike lanes and don’t cut in front of buses, cyclists, or pedestrians
  • Take note of new traffic signals and signs, new left turn movements, and newly protected U-turns—make left turns and U-turns in designated areas
  • As always, park in designated parking areas; tickets will be issued to vehicles driving or parked in bus-only lanes and vehicles are subject to towing