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ACT Updates

ACT Updates

AC Transit bus driving on street; pedestrian looking on

AC Transit Service Changes Effective June 13

More than a dozen lines will see changes in service, including the reactivation of Line 215, on June 13. Supplemental school service will also be suspended for the summer. Read more about the changes: SERVICE CHANGES

Physical Distancing

Physical Distancing on Buses Reduced to 3 Feet

AC Transit has transitioned from six-foot onboard physical distancing requirements to three feet at the start of service, as of June 7. Relaxing the six-foot mandate is the result of significant public health achievements in both Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, AC Transit’s two primary service areas. MORE

Contactless Payment

AC Transit Introduces New Contactless Payment Options

Riders have many choices when paying their fare on AC Transit. Next time you ride, consider contactless payment! It’s more efficient and reduces bus boarding time—getting riders to their destinations faster. MORE

Transit Driver Appreciation Day

June Employees of the Month

Each month, the District honors the service of those drivers and mechanics who contribute directly to this effort by awarding “Employee of the Month” honors from our Supervision, Maintenance and Transportation divisions. MORE

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